The Power Of Travel


I remember the first time I travelled alone. I was 18 and making my way through South America.

One particular moment will stick with me forever: trekking alone through the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia. Rugged beauty and wide open space all around me; snow-capped mountains, blue lakes, dense forests. My mother’s old rucksack on my back, a waterproof poncho on my shoulders.

The heavens opened up, pouring torrents of rain as I walked on. In that moment, my shoes squeaking with water, I felt so deeply alive, happy, exhilarated. In that moment, all my anxious teenager’s worries, insecurities and preoccupations disappeared. I was one with the world, the elements, the sky and the earth.

I’ve never forgotten that moment. But I cannot remember experiencing that same feeling again until my Soul Quest this past August in Kythira. This time at dawn, standing alone in the middle of an empty beach, towering cliffs all around me, the sun rising up behind dark stormy clouds on the horizon. After spending a night there on my own, I was exhilarated, happy, full of gratitude for life and our planet, at one with myself - and the world.

THAT is the true potential of travel.

Travel can plug you straight back into your soul.

Travel can awaken your sense of wonder, beauty and innocence.

Travel can remind you that you are a child of the earth, the elements and the stars.

Travel can take you out of your ordinary world and back into the experience of being truly alive.

I’ve been an avid traveller for as far as I can remember, and lived in many countries and cities before finding my soul’s home in Crete.

Adventure runs in my blood: my ancestors sailed the wild seas and crossed many continents, setting anchor and building lives in places as far as the Falklands, India and Rodhesia (Zimbabwe). A childhood of Scouts and growing up in rural France sowed the seeds for a deep love for the outdoors and a beautiful connection with nature - something I have returned to in recent times.

Part of my mission here on Earth is to support others in finding themselves through the wonder of travel and adventure.

I do this by teaming up with you to co-create your own tailored Soul Quest, a travelling experience completely designed around your unique needs, in which your sole focus is to follow your intuition every step of the way, in its preparation and in the experience itself.

So I just want to let you know that I am here.

I am here to help you turn your next holiday break into a life-changing rite-of-passage

I am here to help you slow down, and reconnect with innocence and wonder

I am here to help you to satisfy your soul’s craving for connection and adventure

And I am here to help you remember the true beauty of life and of our planet

A Soul Quest is a deeply sacred and transformative experience, and there is no better place for it than Crete, a land of incredible aliveness, magic and beauty. Whatever the season, the island has so much to offer; whether you’re craving a mountain retreat, beach holiday, or get a taste of slow-paced village life.

The coming months through Autumn and Winter are absolutely gorgeous too: the tourists slowly disappear, replaced instead by empty roads, silent landscapes, blue skies and white-capped mountains. Imagine for example spending time in your own stone house, sitting by a crackling fire, watching the skies and listening to the wind whistle in the trees.

I am so deeply grateful and honoured to be able to serve in this way, helping others return to their true nature and the timeless wisdom of the Earth and stars.

And I would LOVE to work with you. If you’re ready to dive in, get in touch and we’ll go from there.

Or if you know someone who might love to, put them in touch: refer a friend and get £100 off your next Soul Quest (see terms below).

With love

Ed xx

Referral Terms:

£100 per person referred who signs up for their own Soul Quest (for example 5 successful referrals = £500 credit). Unlimited amount of referrals per person. The referral money goes towards your own Soul Quest fee (my fees only - the credit cannot be used to cover accommodation, flight, car hire, food etc).

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