The World Needs You

The world needs you (and that’s not just an instagram meme). The dawn has broken on 2018, and we are set to experience radical change.

Right now, we live in an interesting time of contrasts. On one hand, we have governments and corporations showing their true colours and doing their best to keep the age-old pyramid model of wealth and power alive. On the other, we have innovators, entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, filmmakers and do-good-ers who are scrutinising and rethinking every single aspect of our current systems in order to bring new balance, harmony and equilibrium to the planet. 

People - and certain governments - are now talking seriously about universal basic income, 15 hour weeks, eradicating poverty, discovering cures for HIV, cleaning the oceans, re-foresting the planet, free energy, and working together to create sustainable change on an unprecedented level. 

Things that the generation before us would never dream of are suddenly within our grasp. And, I believe, this is just the beginning.

You just need to turn off the news and google all the upcoming projects in the field of technology, environment, social change etc to realise that the world as we know it will soon be left behind.


Now it’s your turn

There has never been a better time - or a more needed one - for you to add your voice and gifts to the mix. For you to stand up, stand out, and share your journey, wisdom, love and power with others.

You are not here on this earth at this point in its history by simple coincidence.
You are here because your soul chose to be part of this incredible time of transition for humanity and the planet. 
You are here to wake up to your true potential as energy, consciousness and quantum creator of worlds.
You are here to learn to access your gifts of intuition, imagination, innocence and intention - and create whatever your heart desires.

Like all of us, you’ve been playing small. You’ve been playing the role of the docile citizen, abiding by the laws and regulations of society because that was all that you knew, even if it went against your heart, your planet and your fellow humans. 

But that time is coming to an end. You see, the revolution you’ve been dreaming of will not happen through violence and unrest but through awakening to the compassion, power and creativity within you - and turning your mind to changing both yourself and the world.


“You are here to enable the divine process to unfold. That is how important you are!”
— Eckhart Tolle

Whether you like it or not, or believe it or not, you are an intrinsic part of the universe. An infinite loving intelligence has positioned you in this time and space and led you down a life path with all of its pain and all of its joy.

Not just for the fun of it, but for you to experience, learn, grow and bring out the best version of yourself, unlock your potential and embody your soul’s calling. 

You see; every single aspect of your life has been orchestrated to give you the perfect knowledge, experience and insight needed to help the process of change to unfold. And now is your time to step it up a notch and play your part in the evolution of our planet.


Can you imagine a world in which ever single person wakes up everyday with the joy and innocence of a child, eager to discover, play and experience? A world in which everyone poured their hearts into being of service to others through their creativity, teaching, work and every action, thought and word? A world in which everything was based on our intrinsic connection with nature, the cosmos and each other?

I know in my heart that such a world is possible - and that you too can live this right now if you choose to - you just need to learn a few tools and practices to help you on your way. 

The entire forces of the cosmos and of nature are knocking at your door, beckoning you to step outside. Are you ready to fling it open and set out on your very own yellow brick road?

Become a Conscious Hero

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I’ll be writing and sharing more about it in the coming weeks but just know that it’s the most exciting offering I have ever created: it brings together nearly a decade of experience in the mind-body-spirit field over a 10-month course and combines online workshops, 1:1 sessions and a live weekend workshop - and much more. For more information, you can check out this page







Edward Pike