i believe spirituality has the power to change the world

i believe spirituality has the power
to change your life and the world you live in
to awaken you
to your symbiotic connection with all of life
to catapult you
towards your deepest dreams and desires
to unlock and unleash
your purpose, power and potential

it’s the only way in fact
to truly remember who and what you are
and what you came here for

i’ve been there
i’ve felt the helplessness
i’ve experienced the void
i’ve touched the pain

and from the other side of them,
i can tell you
that they are doorways
to your joy, truth and love

for what is spirituality
but a remembering of one’s nature
a recognition of one’s truth
an opening of one’s heart
and a surrounding of one’s soul

you see
the entire forces of the cosmos
and of nature itself
are moving you
breathing you
being you

a temporary expression of life
in the vastness of time and space

the lack and separation
that you feel
aren't the truth
they are but one
limited perspective
of infinity

allow me to show you the way
to illuminate your path
to hold your hand when the going gets tough

get in touch
and let’s follow the path
of your needs

allow me to guide you
to support you
to awaken you
and together we will change the world

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