how can i serve YOU?

if you’ve been following my journey over the past couple of months, you’ll know how intense and transformative it’s been. and i’m not alone in this: many of you as well are sharing your stories of change and acceleration - a part of the wider shift and evolution that we are all experiencing in our own realities. 

i won’t lie to you: it’s been really tough. throughout august and well until september, i felt like i was a ticking bomb about to explode. every single day, aspects of my ego and lower self that i either A/ didn't know about or B/ thought i had worked through, became blatantly and painfully obvious.

all the rejecting, selfish, unloving, hating, destructive and childish parts came knocking at my door, triggered by seemingly harmless situations. that’s the wonder and intelligence of our higher selves, placing experiences and people on our path to allow us to move to the next level of consciousness.

here is just a glimpse of some of what i’ve learnt through all the chaos, confusion and emotion (i could write a whole blog post on each one - and perhaps i will):

  • to trust the feminine aspect of myself, as well as in others, the earth and the world
  • to surrender ever more to the intelligence of the divine
  • to allow others in for collaboration and co-creation
  • to give up any remaining attachments to security, to money, to being seen as the ‘good guy’, liked and admired

in hindsight of course, it’s easy to laugh at it all, even feel immense gratitude for the joy, clarity and beauty that has emerged. but when i was deep in it, it wasn't as so easy to stay connected to the light and bliss of self-awareness!

i’ve been extremely humbled by it all; by the intelligence of the process but also by its unforgiving nature to show me what is truly important to me…

that beyond all the branding, the cool names, the projects, the technology, the language… i am here for YOU. 

i am here to give, to share, to serve - in whatever way and capacity that i can. whether that’s a 5-min phone call or a 7-day retreat…

i am here to listen to you, on whatever stage of your journey, whether you’re feeling ecstatic joy or the deepest pain, when you’re in need, when you’re alone, when you’re lost and confused by it all.

i am here to be present with you, to give you a hug, to share any wisdom that feels right, to hold a loving space for you, to tell you that you will be ok, to invite you to see the bigger picture, to be a reflection of yourself, to remind you to embrace your pain and your wound, and to call you back to your all-knowing, all-loving heart.

i know what its like to not know whether you’re coming or going, to swing between absolute certainty and crushing worry, to experience intense anger, hated and sadness all within a few minutes, to feel like you’re alone in the world…

and i know that it’s all for a greater purpose; an invitation to free your spirit, to awaken your mind, your heart, your body, to start living in alignment with your calling and your inner gifts.

so today, i want to ask you, dear friend: how can i serve you? i would really love to hear from you; where are you on your journey, what are you struggling with, what do you need? 

am looking forward to connecting with you and meeting you where you’re at, as you are, and as I AM.

with so much love,

edward xxx




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