My Summer Of Ascension


These past few weeks it’s become increasingly obvious to me that I have a real need, a longing even, to share more of myself. To speak about my own journey of evolution, my own awakening, my own ascension. And to give you more of my heart, truth and wisdom.

This has been terrifying for my ego for a long time - especially since I have entered a more spiritual realm, coming closer and closer to my essence and soul and to the infinite within (even sharing words such as that had me running for the hills).

I had been experiencing more and more resistance to share these new depths of wisdom and understanding I am experiencing through my own journey. A ‘spiritual shame’ of sorts, which I have seen mirrored time and time again by the people and world around me, as I have placed more importance on how I am being received by the external world than in what I feel and know within. 

Fears of what people will think, of being trolled, abused, vilified, burnt at the stake or taken for crazy by close friends and family….you name it; all used as excuses to keep myself small, to hide behind the mask of teacher/leader, sharing snippets of wisdom and truth but ultimately unwilling to share the full experience of my personal journey.

The call within is now too strong, and the fears of rejection - thanks to an experience last night - have melted. I am also inspired by open-hearted teachers I follow sharing their own personal journeys with their tribes (Bentinho Massaro and Jocelyn Daher for example have really inspired this post with their recent articles about their meeting and experiences).

So… I will now start sharing more of myself and my journey. We are on this path of evolution together, and I feel it deep within as my mission and calling to be of service in such a way. Without hiding. The fact is, not all those around me or reading this will resonate or understand it. I might not have just not so long ago myself…

You see, the past couple of months have seen a dramatic increase in what was already a fast expansion in my life and being. It feels that in a matter of weeks, I have stepped into a completely parallel reality, jumped ahead light years in my healing and transformation, and my path of personal evolution and potential has just suddenly opened up exponentially. In beautiful and bountiful ways, for sure - and a little bonkers too.


It all started back in early June I began receiving messages from what felt like at the time were light beings, entities from higher planes of consciousness. I have always been very intuitive and in tune with my own inner guidance - but this was something else. 

The field I was able to hold energetically, the words that I spoke, simply from being and connecting with others, was so powerful that at first I couldn’t believe that it was happening, and if so, that it had to be from an ‘external’ source. Thankfully, a few conversations with some very advanced shamans and healers helped me to understand that this was in fact a result of my own energy, which is far more advanced than what my limited mind had led me to believe. 

Naturally, this threw me a little bit: I went through many waves of resistance and doubt in the weeks following. And yet when I returned to that space, the energy was so truthful, pure and strong - felt by myself but also those around me - and the wisdom was so clear that I learnt to trust it, and am now recording myself and sharing it with people around me (more on that at the end of the blog). 

My work has now reached a completely new level, with people experiencing massive transformations, recognitions and openings through my transmissions and being in my energy field. I’ve seen this time and time again in sessions and through the online seminars I’ve been delivering ('Awaken Your Nature' - for more info click here)


That however was just the beginning of what was set to be a series of mind-blowing, heart-opening and soul-affirming events. At the end of June, the ‘Shamanic Adventures’ retreat I co-delivered in Crete was the most expansive workshop I’ve ever run, in which I felt intense connection, brotherhood and even oneness with the entire group, as well as with the spirits of Crete and the nature that we worked and moved in. 

Countless experiences of magic, new openings and truth occurred for myself as well as the group. I was more in my own power than ever; the entire retreat was full of flow, effortless, as people experienced deep healing and transformation simply by being in my presence. And the best thing was, it was full of wild joy and childlike playfulness: just to give you the picture, on the way back from a day trip we suddenly had an impromptu dance party on the side of a mountain road, car headlights flashing and dance music banging. 

A memory I will cherish forever, and a vision of what is now here: deep transformative work with immense joy, pleasure and playfulness. 

That week marked the starting point of a new felt recognition of the infinite depth of our oneness that has not left me since, and has only kept getting deeper and more expansive. Through this, I experienced a complete acceleration of my old way of being and sensing the world.


That week, to put a cherry on an already mind-blowing cake, I met a beloved, divine partner (I will post more on this meeting in an upcoming blog post). The meeting and union with this man - which happened after the retreat had finished - has been far beyond any relationship experience I have had so far. 

I have had a few very intense connections with soulmates over the past few years, all of which have brought their own beautiful gifts. However the depth of the connection and space that opened up between this man has been mind-blowing, and still is, on all levels. It’s thanks to an experience last night, of beginning to surrendering to being at one with him, and experiencing such love and depth as I moved through old stories of not belonging and fear of showing myself, that today writing this blog post feels like the most natural thing on earth.

To top it all off, a week later I had my first experience of plant medicine. They say that this comes to you when you are ready for it, and boy, was I. The experience was a dance with the sublime, the divine, with Spirit, as I united myself with aspects of my Whole self that I had been rejecting for so long.

I met, danced and communicated with the spirits of money, HIV, illness, debt (amongst others) and recognised their role in my - and humanity’s - experience and evolution. I felt a compassion, gratitude and appreciation for all that IS that I could never have imagined, as I truly recognised that simply EVERYTHING, including all that we demonise, is made of Presence and Spirit. And that we are one with all of them - so when we reject them, we are at some level of existence also rejecting a part of our One self. 

As I write I can tune back into the experience, and the divine love and warmth coming from my heart, and embracing me from earth and the sky. Feeling the entire universe as the love energy that it is, the blissful vibration of it all, and the sacredness of every single thing - made of Spirit. This divine union with all that IS was a jumping board to a new recognition of reality, a felt sense that I had believed in for so long, known in my heart even, but hadn't experienced it as such with my whole being up until now.


Needless to say, I have needed time to integrate these new recognitions of reality. I say recognitions because they are not beliefs or even understandings, they are felt senses of what is true and what is accessible to us, beyond the prisons of our senses and our minds (for a glimpse into this understanding, check out Vlog 13: What IS Reality? Part 2)

The past few weeks I have had the most space and stillness I have ever had in my whole life. My life has revolved around my home, the beach at the end of my road and the cafe at the other end. I have been experiencing a subtle bliss in being and playing, while also at times bouts of intense emotions and thoughts as old stories and conditioning have been processed as a result. It hasn't been easy at times, with some very intense moments that have left me reeling - but  I'm blessed to have a tribe of wonderful souls around me to connect with - including the new beloved partner - and sharing my journey with them has helped beyond measure.

It feels like I stepped into a completely new reality: my health, work, relationship and home structures are all changing drastically, in beautiful and unforeseen ways. New work, creative projects, new connections and travel opportunities are arising left, right and center. My days are even more full of flow than before, accelerating me further and faster on my mission. 


As I write this, Belinda Carlisle has begun to belt out that ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’ in the cafe I am sat at (still at the end of my road), and indeed, it is: it is within each and everyone of us. When you allow Spirit to take you to where you need to go, to pick you up in its waves and to show you everything you need to move through and let go, then you touch the infinite space of pure bliss and awareness.

Your land of plenty is inside of you. It is something that is manifested outwardly - as the world is after all one giant mirror - but it all starts by going within. Back to your inner temple, to your own divinity and infinite expansive self - accessible to you at all times when you quieten the mind, allow what IS to be, open up to your true feelings, surrender your thinking and drop into Presence and your interconnectedness with all that IS.

Trust what you feel inside: I know you’ve all had experiences in your lifetime in which you’ve caught glimpses of your wider self, of oneness, of your infinite nature, of God within you. Give it space, breathe, be with it, and follow its call: it will take you to more bliss, connection and expansiveness than you ever thought possible. And allow your system the time it needs to adjust to these new waves: be still, breathe, move, share with others, seek the support you need. 


As part of this calling to share myself at a deeper level than before and to serve you from this new level of being, I have put together a membership section on my site called ‘The Temple’. This is a space to invite us all to connect and come home to our own inner temples; our bodies, breath, souls, and oneness. I will share in there any channelled information I receive and record, post a monthly transmission in the form of a meditation, movement video or practice, and also host a monthly online gathering and Q&A - and I am sure more things will emerge in time.

The Temple has been a call from deep within (I resisted it for a few weeks before surrendering to its flow), and I feel will take a life of its own over the coming weeks and months. I would love to invite you on the journey with me as we come home to our sacredness and our divine nature in all of its glory and humanity. To find out more go to 

With so much love and gratitude for being on this journey with you,

Ed xx





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