What (On Earth) Is Going On?

These are crazy times.

Times of immense change, of chaos, of confusion, of uprising, of revolution.

Both inside and out.


If you switch on the news, its all doom, gloom and craziness.

If you talk to your neighbours, its all change, intensity and transformation.

If you take the time to look deeper, its all solutions, possibilities and positive change. 


The world is pregnant with possibility - while also at the hands of increasingly crazy and caricatural people.

So…what the actual heck is going on?


Of course, no one can say for sure. No one 100% knows for certain what is happening or where we are headed. But what I will attempt to do in this post is to give you a no-nonsense, grounded version of events, pieced together from my own personal experience and research. 

Before you read on, remember that these are only words of one individual: pass them through your own bullshit detector first and feel into what resonates for you. 



There are many understandings and theories about what is actually going on. From channeled wisdom to ancient writings via personal experiences, the bottom line is this: humanity is evolving at a faster rate than ever before.

In the documentary ‘The Connected Universe’ (a mind-blowing new understanding of our interrelatedness, narrated by none other than Sir Patrick Steward), we are told that human knowledge is now doubling every 6-12 months, and that this is accelerating at an exponential rate.

Both on a personal and collective level, we are transforming faster than ever, accessing new ideas and solutions, releasing ourselves from old conditioning, and healing our splits (both on an internal and external level), such as between science and spirit, nature and technology, or masculine and feminine.

But…WHY is this all happening?



There are many many theories and ideas on why, with many talking of the emergence of a new era (of the heart, of Aquarius, of collective consciousness).

If we take a wider perspective, all of these point to the same thing: that the energetic frequency of the planet (and therefore of us, who are in symbiotic connection with it) has raised to a rate previously unseen - and is continuing to rise.

The Schumann Frequency for example, which measures the electromagnetic field of the earth, has reached new heights since the start of this year, and sees no sign of slowing down. This indicator measures the vibration of the earth field, which has a massive impact on our brain waves (since we are one with it).

As it raises, our minds literally are opening, and we are accessing higher and broader perspectives.

The more sensitive we are to energy (and we all are when we learn to be in the body and to feel the world instead of hiding in our heads and armouring our bodies against emotions), the more we can taste this change.

We have access to so much light and energy and consciousness: when we tune-in to it and invite it with our intention and imagination, we can feel the shift in magical and mind-blowing ways. 



As our frequency is raising, our heart centers are opening. These mystical and misunderstood energetic points in the centre of our chests (also called heart chakras) are being revealed to be exactly what yogis and mystics have been telling us for millenia: the seat of everything we have been looking for i.e. love, bliss, connection, joy, and immense, immense wisdom.

Our heart centre is our home, our main command center, our governor. It is through our heart space that we access our connectedness with all that is: it is like a doorway to the world of energy and consciousness, beyond the veil of our limited senses and perception. 

For years we have misunderstood it and have been living through our brains instead. But as the energy is rising, our minds are opening, and as we drop into our hearts, we are all beginning to feel - in our unique way - the reality of life: that we are all connected, part of the Whole that is the universe. 

With this new sense (even if it is felt very unconsciously), it is becoming obvious that our structures, governments and systems do not serve us anymore. They have become obsolete, since they were setup at a time when our minds were completely closed and we lived full of fear and darkness. They were mirrors to our own beliefs and stories about our powerlessness, smallness and victimhood.

Since what is outside is no longer representing what we are feeling inside, we are more and more turning inwards and asking ourselves what the heck we actually DO want. 

And THAT is powerful: for centuries, we have turned our attention only outwardly, afraid to truly go within. By doing so we have given all our power away to others, to God, to authority, to culture, to silly traditions and rules made up over time. By now going within and asking ourselves what it is that we desire, both on a personal and collective level, we are finally coming home: to our power, our love and our truth. 



If you know the theory of the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell (or remember the plot to the first Star Wars movie), you will know that before the hero steps into his true power and heart, he must first face his biggest fears. The hero must slay the dragon (or Darth Vader) before getting to his treasure. 

Vibrationally, this can be explained: since the frequency of the world is raising, anything of lower frequency (i.e. lower emotions like fear or shame, and all stories/lies/illusions based on these) is being cleansed. Like a serpent shedding its skin: the world is letting go of the old. 

In other words, anything that is not in alignment with higher frequencies of love, truth and in service to the Whole, is coming up to be faced and cleared. All of our personal and collective demons are being triggered.

So on the surface, it may well look like the world is going to the dogs, or that your life is being turned upside down. Intense emotions, sudden chaos and changes, etc. are all manifestations of this. If you’re not living in alignment with your deepest truth in all areas of your life, your relationships, your work, creativity, health, etc - you WILL be given a kick up the ass to do something about it. 

For those who have been in denial or running away from their feelings, wounds and truth - there is now no way to avoid it. For those of us that have been doing the work consistently on ourselves over the past few years, we are a lot more prepared for this. 

The world as we know it is is in its dying throes. In fact some may argue it is already dead, and only lives on as a story in our minds. A new world is already present (energetically); the old world is merely a memory that we are holding on to (especially those at the top - they will probably hold onto it until the very last moment - check out this brilliant video that explains why - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz9IJMMWP4M).



For a long time now, we have been living in complete disconnection and disharmony with ourselves, each other, and the planet we are part of. 

This disharmony is showing up in the world we live in, a mirror to our collective consciousness:  just look outside at the state of our planet, of our political systems, of our economies, full of injustice, competition, and lacking compassion - promoting and glorifying a fictitious, emotionally-charged idea (money) over our true, obvious nature,

As a dear friend told me, it’s crazy to think that we are alone and separate and disconnected, living on a planet in which absolutely EVERYTHING lives in harmony with everything else. And it seems like clear LOGIC that we too are a symbiotic part of the planet and even the entire universe. 

(Told you so, I can hear the ancient mystics say.)

Now is our time to return to harmony. To cleanse our demons. To move through our old pain, wounds and conditioning. To forgive, let go, move forwards. To collaborate, create, and bring change on unprecedented levels.



As our minds and hearts continue to open, and we continue to process and let go of the stories, conditioning and pain of the old paradigm, no one truly knows what the future will look like.

We CAN feel it if we sit and tune into it: expansive, blissful, full of love and space and truth. 

We can sense that we are going to be able to access more and more energy and consciousness, and feel our interconnectedness at a deeper level than ever before. 

To give you my own personal example, in the past month alone, I have started to channel wisdom and thoughts from higher planes of consciousness and experience life in oneness with all that is. I know it sounds bonkers, and I joke with my friends about it: a month ago I would not have believed it, and I have experienced doubt myself as I have processed old conditioning and patterning as a result. My mind is being blown wide open: what I though I was (a separate, limited human being in a confined body), is no longer valid. In fact, the feeling and sense of my old identity is becoming more dream-like, like a memory that is slowly fading. 

Whether you like it or not (and for many these words will bring up resistance from the old conditioned ego), this shift is happening. If you resist and hold on to your old ways of being and thinking, you WILL experience a kick up the butt. But if you open up to change and the flow of life, prepare yourself for the exhilarating ride of a lifetime. 



Be still and receive: in these crazy times, one of the most important things in fact is to not to do anything, but to be still. Through stillness, silence, breathing, you can allow yourself to receive from your higher consciousness: solutions become obvious and ideas flow. And then take action on what you receive, even if it brings up resistance!

Trust your deeper senses: you have everything you need within you. Thats not just some silly Instagram meme: we all have access to dormant soul layers, to senses of intuitive knowing, visioning and sensing. Every single person has experience of this on some level, through creativity or sex, or single, unexplainable moments in their lifetime in which they were in tune with something far larger than themselves. You can learn to trust these parts of you, to allow them to guide you more each day, 

Get informed: there is so much information out there for us right now. I am compiling a list of resources for you, but in the meanwhile, check out documentaries like A Quest For Meaning (https://aquestformeaning-themovie.com/) , Kymatica (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHglmEyRSfo), or The Cosmic Giggle (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lhOX1aY5DE). 

And check out sites like Mindvalley for trainings (http://www.mindvalleyacademy.com/) or Gaia for documentaries (https://www.gaia.com/

Seek support: luckily for us, the intelligence of the universe is infinitely ahead of us, and has been preparing people for this time in our history. There are many healers, light workers and wise people out there who are able to support you in this time of transformation. Ask for support when you need it, especially when things seem confusing or you are challenged with old emotions. 

I include myself in this: I am here to offer you the space, guidance and wisdom needed to help your alignment with this new way of being and living, through 1-2-1 sessions, group events (coming up in Brussels, London, Crete and Vienna) and online workshops (Awaken Your Nature -  is currently running and you can sign up anytime). 

Also check out the my free resources: free meditations, the alignment indicator test (including some practices you can start straight away), videos, blogs and a free eBook “Dear Human: Awakening To The Life Within”. 



The bottom line is this: we now have an opportunity - and duty - to create a completely new way of being and living, in harmony with ourselves, our souls, each other and the world we live in. 

We have access to infinite wisdom, support, energy and consciousness: we simply need to go within, experience our interconnectedness, and remember what we are: a human being, in harmony with the earth and the stars, deeply woven into the fabric of the universe, impacting the world around us and the entire cosmos with every single word, though and action. 

As we recognise, realise and remember this, we have no choice but to drop into a space of love, truth and service - and to take full responsibility for ourselves and our decisions.

A world of joy, love, light is here. Be patient, do your inner work, be clear with your intentions, listen and follow your heart in every moment, use your imagination to dream your new world into being - and your transition to what is coming can be blissful and full of ease and pleasure. 

And of course, remember to have fun along the way: innocence, laughter, fun and joy are a bridge to higher levels of consciousness.

With so much love,

Ed xx


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