We Are All Lightworkers

mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, in-betweeners.

healers, creatives, performers, artists, entrepreneurs.

workers of light,

bringers of love,

vessels of life.

holding space

being love

bringing beauty

sharing wisdom.

through our personal transformation,

we transform the world.

loving it,

embracing it,

in all its beauty and imperfection,

with every moment,

every heartbeat,

every breath.

the path has been rough,

laden with challenges, trials and obstacles,

leading us to this exact point in history,

to this time in our evolution.

a time to step out,

to come out of hiding,

to show our wisdom, love and truth,

to serve and support all life

to be our purest being and self

so that we can BE love, BE life, BE light.

the door is open,

your heart is waiting

your body knows what to do

your gifts lay dormant within.

the hardest choice is the first;

to cross the threshold

and step out into life.

it is only there that you will find 

what you are seeking.

your wildest dreams are just beyond that choice.

so...what do you choose? 

---- Edward Pike

Edward Pike