A Vote For Love

Tomorrow is an important day.
Tomorrow we get to choose.

Love or fear.
Unity or separation.
New world or Old world.

Our world is changing.
And with this change, new leaders are emerging.
Leading with love, light and consciousness. 

Corbyn, Sanders, Macron.
They are just the beginning.

The future is uncertain.
It will be filled with more clarity, consciousness, love, unity and ease than ever before.
All our structures, models, beliefs, ideas and technology are set to shift.

For a part of us, this is scary.
But we cannot find safety, strength or stability in the illusion of money.
No - true safety, true strength and true stability are only found within - in the heart.

So when you cast your deciding vote tomorrow, ask yourself which candidate speaks from that space.

Vote with your heart.
Vote for the heart.
Vote for love.

--- Edward Pike

Edward Pike