The Sacred Circle

Together, as one.
We come home to the circle:
A ritual as old as Earth herself.


At first we glance at each other,
Nervously feeling, sussing, sensing,
Intrigued and curious
As we open our fields to the Other.

We lie still. We wait.
Until something moves,
Until something within us
Invites us deeper,
Together as one.

One living, breathing, feeling being.

And so we go,
We dive in, drop in,
Breathing and feeling,
Opening and receiving, 
Expanding and contracting, 
Exploring and releasing.
Always changing.
Always transforming.

All emerge in endless manifestations,
Crashing over us, shaking, screaming, 
Caressing, mothering, nurturing.

Age-old pain and conditioning are moved through,
Old ways of being are left behind
As we shed our precious skins,
As we die to our old selves.

Then suddenly the wave is over,
The calm after the storm.
All gathered sense it together:
A sacredness fills the space,
The sense of timeless, ageless grace.

A deep presence has returned.
A silence, a stillness, an infinite love.
We made it through to the other side.
We made it home.

--- Edward Pike

Edward Pike