Bon Voyage

Photo: Bus Trip by Edward Pike (Heraklion, Crete, September 2015)

There is wonder and change in the adventure. 

A bountiful and beautiful sense of jaw-dropping awe and wide-eyed curiosity. 

At life; at it's curious, luscious spirit and its promise of change and of grace,

That so often eludes your grasp.

But what exactly are you trying to grasp onto?

To life itself, so slippery and so changeable?

Instead of trying to pin it down, why don't you listen to it?

Why don't you hear the wisdom of its song?

It is ready to carry you to destinations unknown, to exotic faraway lands and magical shores.

I know how scary that might be:

No one knows what you may have to face along the way.

But isn't that why you came here? 

To grow, to learn, to evolve, to transform?

To discover new realms, to create new worlds?

The one who embarks on the journey will be forever changed.

There are no bags to be packed, no plans to make, no maps to study.

The voyage is an internal one; an adventure that begins and ends at home.

Your home; your body, your being, your soul.

Your temple.

Your truth.

The door is open.

The world is waiting.

For you to decide and make that first step.

For you to say YES to life, to its flow, its vibration, its rhythm.

To it's wisdom and love as it moves through you, 

Transforming your pain as it goes,

Inviting your wounds to be felt and to be mothered,

So that finally you can let them go,

And move ever closer to all that which you hold true:

To your essence, your truth and your calling.

So what are you waiting for?

There will never be a right time, only NOW.

Only once you say YES will the path appear;

Until then you can only plan,

Endlessly rehearsing the voyage to come.

And yet, like Homer, Marco Polo and all the greats before,

You cannot know what lies ahead.

But you can, in each wonderful moment, each awe-filled breath and each heart-expanding step,

Find the promise of something deeper and sweeter:

The taste of your truth,

The pleasure of your being,

And the joy of your spirit.

So, my friend, BON VOYAGE.

Edward Pike