you came to dance


it became clear during last nights Temple Gathering* that many of us are being called right now to make a choice: to show up, speak our truth, change our lives, maybe even leave our jobs.

I realised how I’ve been holding back once again of fully expressing my heart and sharing my journey with you. how i go through cycles of opening then closing off. 

the truth is, there’s a part of me that’s deeply afraid of sharing this light inside. afraid of past wounds resurfacing: fears of being manipulated, invaded, hurt, bullied, rejected. 

yes, there has been pain.

yes, I have let people in when I didn’t really want to.

yes, I’ve had to put my guard up. 

but through this journey I am learning the power of absolute integrity, truth, vulnerability and authenticity. 

I know it’s time. for all of us. 

to show up, speak our hearts, show our teeth, quit our jobs (for some) and get out there. 

many of us have been in a passive, receptive state, waiting for the next step, the right time. NOW is the time to balance this out with actions: daily practice, reflection, connecting with people, giving, sharing, being of service to this planet and our brothers and sisters as this new earth is being birthed through us all. and looking after yourself deeply in the process. 

the world needs your gifts, your talents, your voice, your truth. that’s not just some cheesy instagram meme: Mother Earth needs you. Spirit needs you. I need you. we all need you.

if you were waiting for a permission slip to say yes to what is arising within you, and to fully truly love your life, this is it. you have absolute permission to give yourself - and the world - what your heart longs for. you have permission to take that leap and jump into the unknown, head first, arms and wings wide open, shrieking in exhilaration. 

it’s time to play the game that is life. it’s time to fly! 

there is so much support beyond the veil for all of us. the path is paved with gold, joy, love, flow and abundance. that is our birthright. and it’s time to claim it. 

imagine a world where we could all live in deep connection with each other, the earth and the universe, pouring our heart and soul into creating work that we love, experiencing life to the max and being of service.

imagine a world in which hunger, poverty, homophobia, racism and all other -isms were a thing of the past, old concepts from a time when we still believed in our separation from the universe. 

this world is possible. it’s within all of us; like a collective longing. a collective knowing in fact, that that is what we are here for. 

we are here to realise our divine nature - and change the world. 

it all starts with a yes. a yes to life in its entirety; to all its ups and downs, to all feelings and emotions, and to all parts of yourself - including the most uncomfortable ones. 

for this world to emerge, the old one must die. and this can look and feel uncomfortable, make you think you’re going crazy, and push you to run away. sometimes you will, and that’s ok. you’ll head straight back to bed, hiding under the covers as the immensity of life dawns on you. 

but when you choose, moment after moment, time after time, day after day, to get up, brush yourself off, and put your faith in the unknown, you will dance. 

Spirit is holding the door open for you, ready to guide you and illuminate the path in front of you. 

you don’t need to know the details or where you’re headed, that’s not your job, and never was. 

your work is to be a womb for creation, a channel of divine love, a bender of reality, a light warrior, a dancer, an artist, a healer, a mirror. 

you see, you didn't come here to play small and be a slave to an old system. you came here to expand beyond what you thought was possible - and create your own world. you came here to dance the dance of life.

I’m saying yes one more time to stepping outside my cave, opening my heart and showing myself to you. because I love you, I love us, I love this world and this universe. and I’m so excited about where we are headed.

i came to dance. will you join me?

ed xxxx

*the Temple is an online space where I share my best teachings through a monthly online gathering, recordings and practices. for £19 per month, you can access all past content, receive support and be part of a growing community of light warriors. to get a free example practice and for more information, visit 

Edward Pike