how i turned my pain into my purpose


when i got diagnosed with HIV in 2009, i was at the lowest point in my life: i was lost, isolated and depressed. i felt like i was trapped in a life that wasn’t really my own. i was surviving - but i certainly wasn't thriving.

i know for a lot of people out there, that’s exactly where they’re at: they’ve lost their childlike spark, their freedom, their power. they’ve become disconnected from the joy, the flow and the magic of the human experience. 

they know there’s more to life: they’re longing for more connection, more peace and more meaning.

my diagnosis triggered a lot of pain, but it also led me to reconnect with my spirituality, my heart and my inner guidance. it led me to start doing the work i do now. 

i learnt to access all the answers that i needed
i got clear on my path and my greatness
i transformed my pain into my purpose
i remembered the wonder and awesomeness of being human
and i found the joy of living again

so let me ask you: do you feel your connection to spirit? do you know how to listen to your inner guidance? do you feel truly free?

in our modern society, a lot of us are completely disconnected from spirit. as a result, we feel trapped, lost, living lives that aren't really with what we want.

i’ve been working in the body-mind-spirit field for nearly a decade - and i’ve worked with hundreds of people to help them connect with their divine nature and their calling.

i’m here to offer my love, truth and wisdom to help and to serve. this is my purpose. this is my gift.

do you know someone around you that needs what i have to offer? that needs some clarity, inspiration, someone to talk to? perhaps even yourself?

i have space and time over the next few weeks for chats, by phone, skype or over a coffee.
i also have space for clients and sessions from now until christmas - and in the new year.

just PM me and we will go from there.

you are far greater than you think. you too can live a life of adventure, discovery, love, bliss, creativity, connection and purpose. it all starts with a choice. the choice to free the spirit within - and let your divine self guide you.

with so much love

Edward Pike