my friend and mentor John Wayne set me a little challenge: to write about myself and who I am…without mentioning any others.

to speak about just myself only was more challenging than i expected.

a part of me resists this deeply. 

i realised that for a long time i have been living life through others - attaching my importance and sense of identity to other people. perhaps a direct result of growing up as a twin…

so (gulp), here goes. this is who I AM…

  • an adventurer and explorer - i am at my happiest when travelling. from jumping on a plane to journeying outside of time and space to new dimensions of consciousness, exploring new places and realms connects me with innocence - and fills me with awe and wonder.
  • a pleasure, freedom and joy seeker - i navigate life based on what lights me up and makes me feel great and the child within jump and down with pure joy. 
  • an alchemist - i do my best to dive into pain with courage and openness, finding the light within and turning the density into gold. 
  • a scientist and inventor - i love reading all things scientific about consciousness, spirituality and human evolution, and my life is an endless laboratory in which i formulate new tools, methods and systems for personal and collective evolution.
  • a shaman - i am a worker of spirit, with a deep soul connection with the unseen spirit world and my invisible guides and teachers. i listen, i learn, i am led and have been challenged many times to stay true to my path even when everything seemed against me. 
  • a writer and a poet - i integrate, rebalance and find clarity through writing. when i write i enter a timeless space of words, thoughts and wisdom and connect to higher places of consciousness. 
  • a dancer - i am my most joyous, most expanded and most alive and aligned with spirit when i am in movement - and especially when dancing. but i also love any form of movement and bodyweight training.
  • an artist and creator - my heart leads the way as i pour my creativity into my life, home, work, etc. when i get out of my own way, i find the sheer joy and awesomeness of flow happening through me.
  • a photographer and filmmaker - i am most in flow when i have a camera in my hand. the world speaks to me, calling me to capture its beauty and grandiosity in all of its essence
  • a visionary and change-maker - with a calling and longing to make the world a better place and to create a New Earth based on love and wisdom and interconnectedness.
  • a teacher and speaker - i love sharing what i learn through my own experience, work and research. finding ways to package it up and shared wisdom in a fun and grounded way truly lights me up.
  • a student - i am a constant learner and grower. i love and devour books, courses and wisdom from my coaches, mentors and the wise sages around me. 
  • a lightworker - staying in connection with the light of spirit is a priority: i do what is needed to bring it forth with joy and bliss - and to invite it to shine it in my most uncomfortable places. 
  • a friend, a son, a brother, a lover - with a heart full of love for my family, community, humanity and planet.
  • a coach and mentor - to myself first and foremost, reflecting and adjusting my practices and life as i go. 

these different parts dance within

sometimes they flow

sometimes they crash

some take the lead

and some stay behind


as i write i feel my love for all aspects

like old friends

ancient archetypal forces 

an ocean of many faces

a recipe of many colours


today my heart is full of gratitude and awe

for this recipe

of ME





photo by Ildiko Berez


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