What Are You Committed To? (A Message For 2017)


Here we stand. As we pass the finish line of the last day of 2016, we suddenly find ourselves in front of the void of the new year; before us only empty space, only uncertainty, only unknown. Our old structures, beliefs, paradigms, ways of being, of doing, of thinking, are all shaking and quaking, both outside and within us, both at a personal and a community level.  

Here we stand; poised, tensed, ready for the starting gun, every ounce of our beings listening to the whispers of the spirit of 2017, ready to take the leap, to jump, to step out into the void, hoping to be caught, to be taken, to be shown the way to the other side. As gracefully, joyfully and mercifully as possible. 

We know deep inside us that the ride may not be an easy one. It may be a storm, a whirlwind, a chaotic rollercoaster of changes, deaths, resurrections, losses, endings and beginnings. 

And so, as we move through the seas of change, it is time to foster a new commitment to ourselves: a deep faith in our hearts, in our compassion, in our life force, in our innate wisdom, in the new life that our hearts know is possible. 

  • Commitment is the whisper of our highest selves, calling us forwards into our calling, our healing, our joy, our love.
  • Commitment is the truth of life itself; what moves the acorn into a giant oak, the embryo into a beautiful human being, the thought into a wave of human action. 
  • Commitment is the flame that flickers in the night, the beacon that guides us when all hope seems lost. 
  • Commitment is a practice, a dedication, an intention that keeps us in the eye of the storm when around us all hell is breaking loose.

Time to ask yourself; what are you committed to? Not just for 2017, but far beyond it. Take a moment, breathe into the depths of your being, feel what arises in your heart and your mind’s eye.

Are you committed to growth? To change? To moving forwards no matter what, even when it feels like you’ve taken ten steps back?

To compassion? To love? To mothering yourself, your families, your communities, your planet?

To your joy? To your fulfilment? To pleasure? To a life of ease and effortlessness? 

To all of the above?

Whatever rises in you, trust it. The fact that you are reading these words shows that there is a big part of you that is already on the path. That is the part that you need to follow.

It is your commitment to this part of you that will keep you on track, placing step after step, taking breath after breath, even in the roughest of seas or the windiest of storms, as you climb the highest mountain or cross the most treacherous of waters.

Because the world around you will challenge you, as will your thoughts and feelings - all reflections of old stories of lack, limitation and separation. All bearers of gifts, of wisdom, of intelligence that will set you free. 

But when you commit to your highest nature, the flame never goes out. No matter how far from it you sway, no matter how rough the going gets, its flicker and its whisper will always lead the way.

So, before you step out into the new year, into the next cycle of creation, change and manifestation… breathe. Find that flame, feel it, see it. Let it fill your body, your mind and your being with its presence, its innocence, its abundance, its bliss, its love. 

Because when you commit to allowing that part to lead the way, in every single moment and detail of your life, then the emptiness in front of you can turn into fullness, curiosity, pleasure and joy. 

Wishing you every moment of aliveness, joy and beauty.

With love,

Ed xxx

PS: I would love to hear from you about your commitments: if you feel inspired to, leave a comment below or on social media!

PPS: As part of your commitment to your deeper and highest self, perhaps now is the time to begin or deepen your journey of Alignment. Check out the calendar for upcoming Alignment workshops and retreats in London and Crete, or get in touch to book a free Skype call.



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