A Note On Alignment

Growing up is scary.

But growth is nothing to be afraid of,

It is but a shedding of layers, of old skins,

An allowing of the divine spark that wants to shine through.

It is pleasure and effortless,

When you can be surrendered and receptive

In your mind, heart and body.


In there lies your true destination;

The release, energy, joy and pleasure

That come from life itself

As it moves through your being.

So different to the unfulfilling pleasure

Of hypnotising illusions;

So sweet, so satisfying,

Yet masking the pain of your wounds. 


You brace yourself against this pain,

Instead of mothering these uncomfortable layers,

And meeting the waves within with an open heart.

You drown in your thoughts and feelings, 

In your past and your imagined futures,

Instead of breathing in the fullness, the aliveness of each moment.

And yet the only way to transform your wound is to feel it,

To surrender to its pulsing, its rhythm and its waves

As you move through the channels of life.


Light and life are felt from within,

Available only when you open up, breathe, and let go.

When you learn to allow, even enjoy,

The sounds, movements and impulses 

Of your expressive body,

This beautiful, talented, creature, 

So intelligent, so wise, 

Filled to the brim, each of your trillions of cells,

With your soul.

Only in your body can you feel it,

And only through it can you truly see and feel the soul of the world. 


The innocence of the soul is held in the body,

In its cells, in its bones, in its mind.

It awakens as you observe the inner landscape within,

It receives the endless downloads of love and wisdom,

It listens through your ears and your hair, your skin and your senses,

It opens your angel wings, ready to fly,

It spreads love out through your hands, extensions of your heart, 

It moves through your pelvis, where the force of divinity is free,

It travels down your legs, and finally through your feet,

Where the love of mother earth is felt and received. 


In that space there is no doubt of separation, 

No beliefs in lack, in borders, in hierarchy.

In that space you are complete, 

Aligned with heaven and earth, 

With your heart at the centre.

From there it shines through your body, mind, eyes and thoughts,

From there you finally perceive the reality of the world, its truth; 

That, beneath all the layers,

There is only light.


There is only light.

Matter is frozen light.

Even your shadow is light.

It is not an either-or;

What you call dark is light itself.

It can be trusted, felt,

And loved.

Only the mind sees dark and light,

The soul knows only light. 


This shadow is not a dark, uncontrollable force,

Nor a monster, a rapist, a killer, a whore.

That is but a projection, an image, a belief,

Fuelled by fear, by stories and childhood memories.

When you befriend it, when you hold it in your womb,

It reveals itself, always, as light.


It is this alignment with your divinity,

With the timeless innocence within,

With the ageless beauty of the light,

That will keep you young, healthy, luminous and joyful.

See it, touch it, feel it, hold it,

Play like a child in your dreams and your body,

In the vision of your heart’s desires.

Become a bridge between the two worlds,

Lift the veil between the seen and the unseen;

All you need to do is tune in, imagine, and allow yourself to receive,

Thus shape shifting into joy, into abundance, into alignment.

Like opening a doorway into another reality. 


Spirit and your highest self lead the way,

If you allow the force of life

To flow through you, to where it longs to go,

To reach out, to share, to connect, to make ripples

In the fabric, the web and the ocean of life. 

Everything is in line with your desires;

Your longings are your soul’s compass in the world,

Pointing you North, South, East and West,

Step by step, moment by moment,

To your treasure.


You, but a single drop, 

Yet you make ripples as you go,

Bending time and space 

With each action, thought, feeling.

Spreading out across the ocean of the universe,

Rippling through people and places,

Shaping your future, your present, your past,

And the world that is to come.


If you realise that life is in fact simple,

And that there is nothing to strive for, 

Nothing to prove, to reach, to perform, to mask;

If you feel your inner gratitude for the life you’ve been given,

For your body, your being, your temple;

If every moment you open up to the reality within,

And honour your home, this planet that you cherish;

If you look closer, see with your mind’s eye and feel with the heart,

And find the beauty, poetry and sacred in everything;

Then, my dear friend, growing up doesn't seem so scary. 







Edward Pike