On The Health Of Politics

I don't usually talk about politics. For years, I took a kind of backseat approach to them, under the excuse of "being spiritual", i.e. sceptical about the actual intentions and impact of the suited and booted men in higher powered positions around the world, but also in denial of their influence on my life.

And while I still believe that profound and deep change is coming from the bottom up (from creatives, entrepreneurs, healers, artists, and free-thinkers of this world), I now also see how important it is for us to be as involved and vocal as we can about the running of the world we live in, as futile as it sometimes may feel.

Why? Because whether we like it or not, our mindsets and bodies, our ability to find and live our purpose, to create healthy, joyful and fulfilled lives, and our communities, friends, families, jobs, cities, environment and planet, are deeply impacted by those that sit in our governments, parliaments or senates across our planet. And so when those that lead us and promise to be working for each and everyone of us do so at the expense of our true and very own nature, something has to be said.

The recent UK election has highlighted a political future focusing - under the veil of a common utopic greener pasture i.e. a strong economy - on bettering one's individual financial position, at the blatant expense of our communities and society.

Despite it's alluring promises of a safe, certain and successful landscape, this concept is based in ideology from centuries ago, when the promoters of the Industrial Revolution jumped on the Darwinism bandwagon to stress the "dog-eat-dog" and "survival of the fittest" view of the world, encapsulated by Adam Smith's quote "In competition, individual ambition serves the common good".

An ideology however which has been completely outdated since the discoveries of quantum physics - over a century ago, and is now scientifically proven to be bad for our health, leading to increased stress, illness, depression, even suicide.

Why? Because it goes directly AGAINST our true nature as human beings.

I've recently been reading a wonderful book called "The Bond", in which expert Lynne McTaggart details the scientific evidence of this interconnection. She powerfully describes all the latest research that explicitly shows that our nature is to be in deep connection with others and with the natural world around us. In fact, we are at our healthiest and happiest when we feel a deep sense of belonging to a community, REGARDLESS of our social and economic status.

There is now irrefutable evidence that a focus on one's individual position and the division of communities have a direct impact on people's health. A team from Bingham Young University, after analysing data from 148 studies comparing human interaction with health outcomes, showed that "relationships of any sort improve your odds of survival by 50 per cent". And heart expert Dean Ornish discovered that heart disease is primarily a disease of emotional alienation, and isolation "from other people, from our own feelings and from a higher power."

As Lynne Taggart points out, it is not money that makes a nation happier and healthier: in fact, the richer the group of people, the more chance of suffering illness and disease.

In 2009, a US study showed that the richer the people are around us, the more we compare to them, and the higher the rates of depression and suicide: "the desire to 'keep up with the Jones' was the most likely reason to self-harm".

Why? Because our deepest need is instead to belong to a community.

Sadly, in today's terms this equals having the same or more as your friends, neighbours or family, and avoiding becoming a financial outcast (a European survey found that 3/4 of people believe it is important to compare their earnings against others).

What this research points to, is the scientific validation of the old saying that "money (even a collective improvement) doesn't buy happiness". Of course, shamans, buddhists and many ancient philosophies (and some of our parents) have been talking about this for millennia, and it is now very exciting that the scientific world is catching up.

But the question remains: when will our governments and politicians catch up? When will WE wake up to the fact that our leaders, promising us a more secure, safe and certain future, i.e. better houses, cars, healthcare and insurance than our neighbours, are in fact doing so at the very expense of true health and fulfilment, and that the ideal of a strong economy and personal financial situation is only created at the expense of our true nature?

So, dear reader, wherever you are in the world, I ask you the only question you need to ask: are the people leading your country working in favour of your true human nature, or against it?

It is clear that more energy and light is flowing into our planet, and that people around the world are waking up to their potential, purpose and truth. I see this everyday in my work, and also from the stories of the shamans, healers and visionaries in my community.

The world is healing, and this process kicks up all the darker layers of society, and our fear, separation, anger and pain. Times like these, we are called even deeper into aligning ourselves with our nature, into connecting with our fellow human beings, and into action.

This blog post is one small example. You see, I wouldn't usually talk about politics. Yet here I am, and my intentions are clear: to plant more seeds of change in the few hundred people that will read it. A part of me whispers about the futility of it, as it feels like one single drop in a limitless ocean. Yes, as the closing sentence of one of my favourite book points out: “what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”

Love & Health,

Edward x