What The **** Are You Waiting For?

I've had a bit of a journey with my blog posts. As an expression of my thoughts, feelings and deeper self, they've evolved from social rants to spiritual concepts, from fitness tips to mindfulness tricks. Over the course of the 4 or so years I've been blogging, I've tried to stay true to myself as much as possible, and my own development has often been reflected in the words I write.

One of my greatest learnings has been to lead by example, instead of preaching from my digital soap box. Yet today I feel called to crack my whip. I feel pulled to lay out the truth, loud and clear. It might not be pretty, and I have no idea how people will respond, but I sense the need for it.

As I've experienced my connection to my own heart, and have begun to see the world from a more and more loving space, it's come to my attention recently how many of us are coasting through our lives. It's as if we're waiting for something to happen, for the worst to manifest, for the Universe, Life, God, or whatever you want to call it, to give us a kick up the ass.

Many of us are like sitting ducks, trapped in our personal stories and our identities, mechanically running through lives to which we feel completely disconnected from. Some of us may even meditate, do spiritual work, attend workshops, yet years on are still very much in the same position: terrorised to step into our own power, see our truth and feel our greatness.

Our stories of darkness, pain, separation, of struggle, of incompleteness, of powerlessness, of rejection, of perfection, can be stronger than our will to live our own gifts, talents and unique expression. Our tales of demons and fears are so big they blind us from the treasure, the love, the beauty that exists within us. And so we forget and we deny ourselves what we truly want.

Today I have one question for you: what will it take for you to go out and commit to your dreams? Getting seriously ill? Having a near-death experience? Losing your child or your partner?

When we are out of alignment with our uniqueness, Life eventually gives us a shove back into action. It says to us "Come on buddy, you know that's not who you are - time for a shakeup". Gently at first, then with a scary intensity.

Do you really need to wait that long? Until you get cancer? Until you feel so depressed you can't get out of bed? Until you lose someone close to you? Until you get into a serious car crash?

I see so much beauty, creativity and intelligence in the people I work with, live with, share my food with, walk on the streets with, dance with. Bursting at the seams, sparkling behind the eyes. Longing for authenticity, vulnerability, openness. Longing for expression, for release, for freedom.

Of course there is darkness: pain, struggle and wounding are part of the human experience. But so also are our love, light and creativity. Both are available to us. We are all born with natural abilities, gifts, talents and our own unique expressions, our own paths, our own myths. Yet we are also given the freedom to create whatever we choose, consciously or not.

What matters is which part of ourselves we choose to believe in. Which part of ourselves we choose to invite into our life, to express, to nurture. What matters is which life story we are willing to imagine, to tell and to live. Which life story we choose to focus on, day after day, with every thought, action and word.

When you commit to finding and aligning yourself with your purpose, your truth, your love; then magic happens. Doors open, situations get triggered, people come into your life, opportunities for growth come your way.

It isn't an easy ride: if it was so the whole world would be aligned with their uniqueness, and it would be a very different place. The process is an adventure: a journey of facing your darkness, your fears and your demons, of letting go of your old stories of who you are, of stepping into the unknown day in and day out. A beautiful, challenging and at times painful process, which over time brings more healing, love and light into your life than you could imagine.

Want to heal your fear of intimacy or your fear of rejection? Create from the heart.

Want to drop your drug addiction or your eating disorder? Create from the heart.

Want to stop feeling like you don't belong in the world? Create from the heart.

Dive into your heart, into life, each moment, each relationship, each encounter. Find that thing that makes you shine, makes you sparkle, makes your whole body tingle with excitement. Follow your happy, your bliss, your flow. Follow it like a beacon, until a path emerges again, obvious and clear, a path that was there all along.

Don't even do it for others, do it for yourself first. Write, paint, dance, heal, perform, sing, because it transforms you, makes you come alive, brings you back to life. Then of course others will benefit. The world needs less activists, more people living their purpose.

Life is waiting. The adventure is knocking. The world is willing. The universe is smiling. So start dreaming a new dream, telling a new story, living a new reality. Plant, water, nurture and grow the seeds of change. Commit to your healing, to finding your purpose, to meeting your soulmate. Dedicate yourself to creating a life that takes your breath away and fills you with gratitude at the very thought of it. Don't listen to the limitations of society or your mind: the impossible life you dream of is within you, and it's out there. So go on, what are you waiting for?

Love & Health,

Edward x