Why Changing The World Starts With You

Yesterday as I was walking along Oxford Street, I came across someone standing outside a McDonalds, armed with a megaphone and shouting at all the passers-by of the evil nature of their food and ethics. Now, don't get me wrong, I am in no way a supporter of the fast food chain - despite having had my fair share of Maccy D's in the past - but their was something strangely disconnected about his presence, his energy, his words and his message.

As I walked past, my body wanted to get as far away as possible from him, without even listening to more than a few words of what he had to say.

Why? Because all I could feel from him was his fear and his anger, projected onto others with incredible force and dominance.

The truth is, we are often unaware of the impact we have on the world and others around us. We are often unconscious to our own fear, anger and sadness, and how we project them out onto the world around us.

And so we spend our time, energy and effort trying to help or to fix it.

We believe that we can fix people's happiness, and that other people can bring happiness to us. We believe that we can bring peace to the world, and that by doing so we will find our own peace. We create endless social schemes, online protests and organised drives, in the hope of resolving the problems out there - and in turn, our own.

Yet another possibly hard truth to face is that no one can fix our own happiness, except for ourselves. And no one can bring other people happiness, except for themselves.

To believe so is to also believe they are powerless. We take their innate, divine nature away from them.

Its a bit like saying "We create our own reality yes. But not you - you I have to help!".

There will always be plenty of people out there that believe that they ARE powerless, and will gladly welcome any assistance or help: I've been the first to do so and to be convinced that I needed others to guide and assist me.

Our biggest illusion is that we can create a more spiritually and psychologically evolved society, without changing its levels of awareness first. And so we call ourselves and others to create a better society and a more just world. We put our time, money and energy into changing people's behaviours.

This is a bit like addressing the symptoms instead of the cause. Like trying to change the world from the outside in. Like a personal trainer trying to get someone to eat healthily instead of looking at the reasons behind someone's habits first. Or like a doctor trying to heal a physical symptom instead of understanding the mental, emotional and spiritual reasons first.

Until we become aware of our own power, our own nature, our own love and wisdom, this approach is doomed to fail. Until we recognise that our efforts so far have been futile, and that the outside-in approach does not work. Until we see that the long-term solutions to disease, poverty and hunger lie in our ability to realise our own individual expression. Until we remind ourselves, and every single individual on this planet, that we can - and must - change the world from the inside out. Until we acknowledge that healing the world is to heal ourselves first.

The way to do this?

To align ourselves with our highest purpose, our mission, our heart and soul.

To dedicate ourselves to the inner life force and love within us, to our own creativity, our own power.

To change our own lives, transform ourselves from within.

To follow our bliss, to find our flow, to raise our energy, our health, our awareness.

As Ghandi put it so eloquently, to "BE the change we want to see in the world" (not DO the change).

By reconnecting back to our hearts and own wisdom, by raising our awareness and our energetic vibration, by leading from love and will, the impact we have on others is far greater than we could ever imagine. The ripple effect of love and truth has consequences far beyond what our minds can fathom.

Imagine for a second that the McDonalds man on his soapbox was speaking from a space of love. Love for himself, the planet, his love for good, healthy food and with a positive vision for the world. That his whole being, physical and energetic, resonated and emanated love, truth and power. Maybe then I would have stopped to listen.

But maybe that man wouldn't even be there. Maybe he would have been too busy doing what he loved, having fun, enjoying his life, serving others from his heart, and consciously - and unconsciously - changing the lives of the people around him instead.

Love & Health, Edward xx