Are You Ready To Blossom?

When a rose comes to blossom, it must first take the time to plant its roots and ground itself before growing strong and beautiful. And only once it has gone through a whole transformation process, from seed to rose, does it open up - at exactly the right time for it. At the precise, perfect, divine time for it.

Our own journeys are a bit like these roses: when we align ourselves with the life and wisdom within us, we must undergo a transformation process. We must let go of our old structures; our old identities that want to keep us safe and secure.

Within their confines, we play small, as we strive to find security and love by playing out stories that we've taken from our families, the school playground or Eastenders. Stories of scarcity, stories of fear, stories of sadness.

Within their confines, we may spend years climbing up the ladder, only to realise years later that we were in fact climbing up the wrong one.

My past few months have been a process of opening. Opening and expressing my heart through my creativity, and sharing myself through my writing, painting, dancing and performing. Opening my heart up to others too, and to diving into my service as a mentor and a healer, and to connecting deeper with my family, friends and partner.

It's not been an easy process: my identity has resisted, kicking and screaming and throwing tantrum after tantrum. Old beliefs have come back like old demons, to play with me and haunt me. Yet thanks to what I know now, I see that these are part of the process. These are part of the journey back to my heart, back to myself, back to my spirit.

The process of alignment with our inner life force is not an easy one: we must face ourselves, our truths, our flaws, our imperfections. We must feel our pain, our anger, our wounds and our vulnerabilities. We must see through our stories of not being good enough, of being unlovable or of not belonging. And we must enter the unknown and the mystery of life.

We must take a leap of faith and jump into a phase of transformation, ready to face our old demons as we go deeper into our own unique expression. How do we know they are demons? Because the same screaming voices kick off whenever we dig a bit deeper, whenever we get an inch closer to our hearts.

In my case, over the past few months they have exhausted themselves trying to tell me that I am not a healer, not an actor, not a writer, not a dancer and not an artist. In the past I have believed these voices, many times over. But by keeping my focus on what is true to me, and with the wonderful support I have around me, I am now able to see through them.

What we see, feel and discover beyond the confines of our own perception prison is beautiful: a whole new part of ourselves that we have hidden away, forgotten. Our joy, our innocence, our expression, our creativity, our love, our generosity, our compassion. We catch glimpses of what our hearts will create as they blossom and we allow them to share their love and power. And we realise that there is a perfect time for them to do so.

A precise, perfect, divine time.

And the fact is, try as we might, we cannot force their opening. We may spend our time, energy and effort trying to build a business, make thousands of pounds, and reach millions of people, but unless this is true to our hearts, then we will not blossom. Instead, we may indeed do the exact opposite, and wither, wilt and weaken as we endlessly chase some form of stability, safety and security.

So, my friend, as this year comes to and end, I invite you to take a step back from your life and to witness yourself:

In which parts of your life are you striving, trying too hard or wanting to prove something - when it doesn't feel true?

Where are you spending your energy on projects, businesses, relationships, activities that are purely designed to bring you a sense of security and safety, but are not what you would really love?

When are you compromising your heart's desires, lying to yourself and others, and dampening your wishes and your shine?

This is my wish for you, over Christmas and as you enter 2015:

To plant now the seeds of growth and transformation. To let go of your old beliefs, reconnect with your power and your love. To step into your heart and share it with the world around you, no matter what. To create the work, home, relationships and health that you would truly love.

To open up...and to blossom.

So the question is; what are you waiting for? ;)

Wishing you a marvellous Christmas,

Edward xx