How To Engage Your Willpower To Develop Superhero Strength

love fitness blog will pike gay personal trainer london engage your willpower If you struggle to act on your dreams and feel unable to make any changes to your life, it’s time to learn how to develop your own inner powers. Here’s how. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a superhero?

Of waking up one morning and being able to fly?

Of having X-ray eyes, abs of steel or the capacity to jump from building to building?

Well what if I told you that you already have certain powers hidden deep within you, that you could access with a bit of practice?

Today we’re looking at one crucial ability, and how you can develop it to change your life – and save the world!

Your two Superhero powers

When it comes to weight loss, getting fit or creating a healthy life, you must be able to engage two Superhero powers.

Like the Yin and the Yang, the two go hand in hand: without one, the other is useless.

The first is your powers of intuition, which tell you what you truly would love to create. Pretty important stuff: without clarity on where you’re headed, you’ll never know when you get there.

Yet the second is in fact equally as important. It’s your ability to take action - or what I like to call, your willpower.

Why is it important?

Your willpower is a crucial element of your health and happiness.

If you’re unable to use it, you’ll end up trapped, stuck in a life that does not fulfil you. Even if you know what you want to create, you’ll feel powerless to take action.

However if you learn to master it, nothing can stop you. You’ll be able to act on what your intuition tells you to create health, happiness and weight loss.

Are you ready to learn how to activate and develop it? To infinity and beyond!

How to activate your willpower

Your willpower centre is located just below your belly button. That’s where all movement originates from (milliseconds before you even move), and it’s also where your personal power energy resides.

Here’s how to connect to it:

  1. Ground yourself in your body by taking a few deep breaths, feeling the weight of your body and the support of the ground.
  2. Relax any tension you might be holding – especially in the shoulders, hips or legs.
  3. Be as present and embodied as possible and feel the sensations within your body.
  4. Imagine a ball of yellow light in your willpower centre getting brighter and brighter as you direct your breath into it. You can also imagine that this light creates a sphere of yellow light around you, like a force field.

Once activated, you can get a feel for the amount of energy and power that is within you, ready to kick baddies’ ass at any moment.

How to develop your willpower

Like any of your superhero powers, your willpower can be developed with a bit of practice.

Here’s how:

1. Build strong inner core muscles

Your willpower resides in the centre of your body, in your core. Strengthening your core muscles, especially the inner ones (the Transversus abdominus) will give you a powerful physical foundation from which to take action, and will give you more confidence in your ability to move safely and effectively.

2. Focus on your centre during exercise

By maintaining your focus on your willpower centre during exercise, you’ll not only stay grounded within your body but you’ll also be able to tap into your superhero strength when the going gets a little tough. Simply bring your mind to your centre and set the intention to fly through any obstacles!

3. Practice in your everyday life

Of course, like any superhero you also have a private life. Your willpower is a very handy tool to use in this arena too. If you understand what your intuition is whispering to you, practice engaging your powers to act on it – in your work, relationships and creativity.

By developing your willpower on a daily basis, you’ll develop not only inner (mental and emotional) but also see great gains in outer strength (physical).

Now it’s your turn to save your world!

Now that you understand how to activate and develop your willpower, it’s time for you to put it to good use.

Start by taking the love:Fitness Indicator to check exactly what is holding you back from taking care of your inner spark.

Then leave a comment below about how learning to engage your own inner powers will help you boost your score – and become a Superhero!

And if you live in London, why not join me for a Superhero workout - and practice engaging your willpower while getting fit, burning fat and having fun?

Love & Health,

Will x