How To Develop Your Intuition To Lose Weight And Get Healthy

love fitness develop your intuition to lose weight get fit Tired of not knowing what choices to make and being unsure of which steps to take? Then you’re probably not listening to your intuition. Here’s how to develop it. This week I learnt something quite extraordinary: that some of the major companies are developing training programmes to teach their employees how to balance out their rational thinking mind with their intuition.

Isn’t that just awesome?

Finally the world is waking up to the incredible resource we all have within us, that hidden wisdom and knowledge that we all have access to.

So if CEO’s of major companies are learning how to tap into theirs, maybe its time you learnt to develop your intuition and use it to speed up your weight loss and fitness goals?

Here’s how.


First of all, let’s quickly explore what intuition is.

Current research is suggesting that your intuition comes from your energetic heart, which is in fact a supercomputer. When your hearts’ energy is aligned with your brain, you enter a state called coherence. This is the state of flow, which we all have experienced either when doing a creative project or when in the presence of people we love.

However many of us remain trapped in our mind’s thoughts, which can easily override our intuition. We then make daily decisions and choices based on what we observe and analyse through our brain, instead of listening to that inner voice inside of us.

You know that part of you that sees that you’re making a mistake, as you’re making it? That’s the same part of you that provides you with these intuitive insights.

It’s a form of 6th sense, which we all have. It’s the same sense that makes animals leave the sites of major disasters days before they happen. On a smaller and more individual scale, it’s the sense of “knowing” when something is or isn’t quite right. A bad vibe or a gut feeling, you might call it.


Learning to develop your intuition can have a dramatic effect on your life, as you’ll learn to make choices that lead you to long-term health and happiness, instead of short-term highs.

When you’re hungry, tapping into your intuition will help you understand whether you’re physically hungry, or whether your cravings were created through boredom, habit or triggered by thoughts.

When you’re tired, you can learn to recognise whether your body is tired, or whether your mind is creating the feeling of tiredness to stop you from going for a run.

When you wake up in the morning to a headful of thoughts, understanding what your inner voice is whispering is what will get you out of bed and out of the door in time for that morning spin class.


In our current society, we seem to be valuing “busyness”: people boast about how full their diaries are, and how little time they have for themselves.

With those kinds of schedules, it’s very hard to make space for our intuition to come through.

Taking time out to relax and take care of yourself is the best way to connect to your inner voice. In fact, it’s one of the reasons people get a lot of creative ideas when they’re in the shower or on holiday: a tiny bit of relaxation of their minds and bodies allows them to connect to intuition.

Here are 5 ways to practice:


Sitting in stillness and in silence is one of the best ways to connect to your inner voice. Simply sit for 15-30mins and notice your thoughts without getting carried away with them. Observe your environment and be as present as possible. And listen out for those little whispers from your heart.


Take time to be in solitude a few times a week. Make a conscious decision to spend time on your own, sitting, listening to music or reading a book. If the idea of spending time with yourself scares you, even more of a reason to do so.


Practicing meditation for 15-30minutes each day will train you to distinguish between thoughts and intuition. Slow, controlled breathing will relax your mind and body, and provide the space for your inner wisdom to come through.

Find A State of flow

Doing a creative project that really excites you or being around people you love can put you in a state of coherence. Once in that state, you can connect with your intuition with ease. Maybe even ask it a question about something that is bothering you, a current challenge or issue even. And be prepared to hear the answer – which might not always be what your mind thinks!

Heart Breathing

Imagine breathing for 5-10mins in and out through the centre of your chest, where your heart centre resides. You’ll feel your whole body relax and being to warm up as energy spreads throughout. You can even imagine your heart opening, and showering you with light. Then listen out for the little nuggets of intuitive gold.

There are many more in depth techniques to develop your intuition. If you’re in London and want to find out more, I’d love for you to join my upcoming workshop: Building Intuitive Awareness: Using Your Inner Guidance on Saturday the 26th of May. You can find more info on my Work With Me page.


Now it’s your turn: I challenge you to practice one of the 5 ideas above, then to leave a comment below with what you learnt – and what insights your intuition gave you!

And as always, I’d be very grateful for you sharing this post with those you love. The world needs every single one of us to listen to our intuition and start taking care of ourselves.

Love & Health, Will x