Possibly THE best fitness tip. Ever.

will pike love fitness blog best fitness tip enjoy exercise movement jedi workoutsThis may be the one single piece of advice you will ever need to enjoy your training - and stick to your goals! I would love to do a survey one day...

I would ask every single person in the gym who ACTUALLY enjoys exercise.

Because the hard fact is, the majority of us don't. Instead, we see training as a chore, something we HAVE to do in order to find some form of health - or any chance of finding a job/mate/life (delete as appropriate).

I see it everyday: people forcing themselves through their gruelling workouts, making no attempt to hide their hatred for it.

And that's the number one reason I hear for people not exercising: that they don't like it. Sure, they enjoy the feeling AFTERWARDS, but the DURING is often described as their idea of hell.

And so they grab the latest Men's Health and power their way through all the 6-pack sculpting tips and fat-busting tricks within.

But what if I told you that there is ONE ultimate tip that is NEVER mentioned in the fitness magazines and blogs?


Here it is: learn to rediscover the pleasure of moving your body.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend a brilliant workshop led by a wonderful friend of mine (Pleasure Lab by Yorgos Karamalegos)

Over the course of two days, we were led into a new exploration of our bodies, in turn discovering new sensations, new sounds and new feelings of pleasure.

Now, for some people that may sound like something completely alien. For many, their bodies are synonymous with aches, pains, tightness and discomfort.

And so when it comes to being in their bodies, they struggle to imagine the pleasure of it - unless of course it involves a hammock, a couch or a double bed.

But let me tell you: you can derive a TON of pleasure from even the simplest of movements.

And when it comes to your health, it’s possibly the best fitness tip ever.


  • You'll find a new enjoyment for your day-to-day activities: from walking to work to doing the washing up!
  • You'll want to do more of it. So by definition you'll exercise more, and in turn will get in shape faster than ever.
  • You'll discover how to trust your body instead of always letting your mind take over, and will move better and in a safer was a result.
  • You'll be more connected to your body's needs, impulses, wants and desires. In time you’ll learn to listen to it and give it EXACTLY what it needs, not just what you’ve been told to.
  • You'll learn to do what is good for your specific body, instead of struggling through workouts and exercises you don't want to do.


1. Breathe - and keep breathing!

When you're trapped in your head, you forget all about your breath. In some cases, you may even forget to breathe at all! Taking a few deep breaths in is the first step to inviting your mind into your body. Then keep bringing yourself back to your breath throughout your movements.

 2. Be in innocence

Next, choose to detach from the thoughts of your mind by imagining what it feels like to be a child again: free from your perception and beliefs. Notice how your body becomes immediately lighter, and how your senses become heightened.

 3. Listen to your body's intuition

Connect to your body and listen out for any impulses. You can even ask it what it needs, then wait for an answer to come to you. It may feel as if a part of you is making it up, but trust that whisper - over time you'll learn to recognise what comes from your mind, and what comes from your body.

 4. Do what feels good

Like with any new practice: start by taking small steps. Move slowly, in a way that feels good. Look for the feelings of pleasure, the ones that feel light and enjoyable. Avoid any pain: that is your body's signal to you that something is not quite right.

 5. Allow yourself to explore

You can practice this exercise wherever you are: while walking to work, at the gym, or lying on your bedroom floor. As you become more connected, you can expand your exploration: choose to be led by your body's guidance, and to create new shapes and movements...that feel amazing!


Now it’s your turn: take 5-10mins today and use the 5 steps described above. Notice how you feel and what differences it makes within your body. Then leave a comment below with what you discovered!

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Love & Health,

Will x