5 Soulful Structures To Boost Your Health, Happiness And Energy

love fitness blog will pike soulful structures boost your health energyLooking for some simple strategies that will help you stick to your health and fitness habits and boost your health? Here's 5!

 Structure 1: 90-day end results

Knowing where you're headed is an important part of creating a healthy life you love.

Of course it's up to you, but I wouldn't advise having a 1-year, 3-year or even 5-year plan.


Because the person you'll be tomorrow will be different to the person you are today. In fact, the person you'll be after reading this blog post will be different too, so planning so far ahead is pretty futile - and takes you away from your intuition and the magic of the present moment.

I would invite you instead to focus on a 90-day end result. This gives you something to aim towards, while also allowing you the freedom to change course without too much pressure.

You may wish to drop a few kilos, be running 5k without stopping, or increase your flexibility in those tight hamstrings. Whatever it is, keep it simple.

The important part of these end results are not whether you achieve them or not: what is important are the actions you take to bring them to life. These are what truly tell your subconscious mind what you want.

So even if you don't completely achieve the result you wanted, you'll still have made important steps towards what you love.

Structure 2: Fitness Tribes

When it comes to your health, there's nothing worse than being surrounded by non-supportive people.

You know, the ones that try to force you to eat cake and give up on your detox plans?

The ones that make small jokes about your new diet or your new gym gear?

Of course, the easiest and most conscious way to deal with such situations would be to ignore these people, recognise that they only act in such a way to feel better about their own lack of progress - and not to take it personally.

However in reality it's not always as simple as that.

Surround yourself with people that fully support you. Friends, family, colleagues, your dog or your pet iguana...whoever truly roots for you, has your back and would  love to see you healthy and happy.

Connect with people with a similar mindset, that are willing to give advice and support when you need it. They will make all the difference!

See my article on Growing Your Fitness Tribe and How To Deal With Social Situations.

 Structure 3: Non Negotiable Self Care Time

Having a regular weekly routine is essential, as it will help you feel secure and grounded.

A bit of structure will in fact add a lot of freedom to your life: life won't be a constant battle to fit in your workouts, meals or meditations in between your hectic life and work demands.

Decide what weekly activities are non negotiable for you, such as exercise, meditation, or time with friends. Then add them to your diary in advance - and don't move them!

Non Negotiable Self Care Times will provide you with strong roots, and ground you in your life. You'll be able to withstand the challenges and struggles of life with far more ease if you focus on building these into your week.

Structure 4: Loving Morning & Evening Routines

How you start and how you end your day are crucial to your health and happiness.

Start the day trapped in your thoughts and feelings, and you'll find the rest of the day a bit of a drag! Go to bed feeling drained and unhappy, and you'll probably wake up feeling exactly the same - if not worse!

Create a morning and evening routine that bring you back to your body and back to your heart. Try a few different things and notice what makes you feel great. You may wish to include some meditation, heart breathing, stretching and embodiment exercises, but also some dancing, yoga, or running - whatever lights you up!

Use the evening to wind down and contemplate the day, then set your intention for your sleep and for the following day. Before bed is also a good time to step into your imagination and to daydream about what you would love to create in your life: right before bed and after you wake up are great times to communicate to your subconscious mind!

Structure 5: Pre-Workout Embodiment Mantra

It's so easy to start a workout with our head full of stress and worry from the day. And so we disconnect even further from our body and end up frustrated and upset at ourselves.

Before each workout, and during if needed, take the time to fully arrive in your body and into the present moment: take a deep breaths, feel your feet and relax your muscles.

Keep checking your body with your mind: connect to different points within. Notice how your whole body relaxes and fills with energy when it is given attention.

From that space, you'll have a far more powerful, more inspired and more attentive workout, away from the chitter chatter of your mind.

If you notice yourself returning to your usual thoughts and feelings, gently bring yourself back to your body and breath, using the same sequence.

Just remember, it's a practice, no one gets it right first time around: getting out of your head and into your body is a constant process and practice.


Now it's your turn: I'd love to hear what Soulful Structure you'd like to create in your own life. Leave a comment below with what you've learnt and which structure you're going to implement now!

 Love & Health,

Will x


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