Mighty Mistake #5: Uninsightful Knowledge - or What You Won't Learn In A Fitness Magazine

Will Pike Love Fitness Magazine Blog Health Lifestyle CoachDo you feel lost and confused, stuck in fitness magazine limbo without any idea on where to go? Read on to find out how learning insightful knowledge can help you find your way. That's it. The January madness has started. All over the world, people are writing down their New Years Resolutions and swearing that this is it: this time they're going to stick to them.

The problem is, this time next week, 50% will have given up. And this time next month, that number will have reached a staggering 80%!


Because many are making at least one of the 5 Mighty Mistakes we've been covering over the past few weeks: Uninspired Motivation, Unloving Attitude, Mindless Awareness and Soulless Structures.

But even more are making one other crucial mistake: a lack of insightful knowledge.

Knowledge? I hear you ask "surely we have enough of THAT"!

I hear you: in this day and age, the sheer amount of information we have available is staggering. Every day, infinite number of blog posts are unleashed on the web, and over 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube alone!

This is the Age of Information, and its only just getting started.

The problem with having access to the variety, speed and depth of information out there is that, more often than not, we don’t know where to turn.

We end up reading infinite amount of articles on how to get slim, how to buff up or how to get that 6-pack.

We buy every fitness magazine with the word "abs" on the front page, in the hope of finding THE tip or THE fitness plan that will change our life.

And yet despite all the sweat, the effort, the hoping, the praying, nothing. We don’t lose an inch. Our belly does not budge. We still feel unhealthy and unfulfilled.

Does this sound familiar?

This, my friend, is a symptom of Mighty Mistake #5: Uninsightful Knowledge.

What is Uninsightful Knowledge?

Uninsighftul knowledge is all the stuff we accumulate from other people. It’s the methods, the right ways, the how-tos served up by others that we take onboard as truth.

Uninsighftul knowledge is listening to what others have to say about us, without considering for the uniqueness of our own bodies and hearts.

Things like

“You must cut carbs after 6pm to lose weight”

“You must run before breakfast to burn fat”

“You must think positively”

“You must work hard in order to achieve success”

Why is it a mistake?

Growing up in a world in which there is a right way to dress, a right way to eat, a right way to speak and a right way to do pretty much everything, we have learnt to look outside of ourselves for all the answers to our problems.

We’ve forgotten that the answers are in fact inside of us. That each of our hearts and bodies are completely unique, with their own needs, desires, gifts and talents.

But like Kenichi Ohmae said “Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction”.

Going on the latest fad diet doesn’t help if it doesn’t suit your body type.

Working out everyday might be doing more damage than good if all your body needs is a bit of downtime.

Forcing yourself to think positively will only make matters worse if its done to cover up your internal wound.

Killing yourself at work will damage your health if it goes against what your heart wants.

Get the idea?

So, I hear you ask...

How do you find Insightful Knowledge?

Insightful knowledge comes from reconnecting to your heart and body. It comes from listening to the infinite wisdom contained within them: from trusting what is INSIDE of you, rather than what you are told from the OUTSIDE.

How to listen to your body:

As we've seen in a few articles, your mind is in constant communication with your body. In fact, your body is simply an extension of your mind.

Sensations like pain or tightness for example, are your mind's way of telling you that something isn't quite right: generally because of physical, emotional or mental stress.

The best time to start listening out for what your body has to say is after a meal.

When what you eat supports your needs at the time, you'll feel a lovely satisfied and energetic sensation. When you don't however, you may instead feel bloated, tired, drained or lethargic - like after the excesses of Christmas, remember that?

As you practice listening out and become healthier, the signals will come even faster and with more intensity (I'm out like a light within 10 minutes of having a carb-heavy meal nowadays!)

How to listen to your heart:

The Institute of HeartMath have shown that our hearts hold in fact far more information than our brains, and that by learning to listen to them, we can access an infinite amount of knowledge (check out a video on how here).

The heart is what people have associated with their inner voice for many years. Connecting to it takes practice. Here's how to start:

  • Hold your hand on your heart center (middle of the chest) and imagine breathing in and out of it
  • You may feel a heavy heart, like an internal pain or wound: keep breathing and allow the process to happen
  • Do this until you feel relaxed, at ease, and connected. You may wish to imagine your heart opening up, creating a bubble of love around you.
  • Listen out for your hearts wisdom: like an inner “knowing". Be honest and open: if you've been following the directives of your mind up until now you may find yourself denying what it says.

Again, the more you connect to it the easier it becomes.


So there you go: two ways of connecting to your own source of knowledge. So now it's your turn: use the process above to connect to your heart, then ask it "What does my body need right now?". Then write a comment below with what you felt - and what you discovered!

Love & Health,

Will x


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