love:Fitness Blog | Mighty Mistake #4: Soulless Structures

will pike love fitness programme weight lossFeel like there's never enough time to take care of yourself? Like it's a constant uphill battle to get anything done? Then you're probably making this mighty mistake. As an entrepreneur, it's pretty darn easy to run out of time. There's so much we want to get done. If we could, we'd pack a year's worth of work within 24 hours. Sadly, that's not yet feasible (Scientists are working on it, I'm sure).

The truth is, it's the same for most people. Life seems to be in constant acceleration, especially around this time of year. Parties, meetings, appointments, you name it: there's always something to keep us from taking care of ourselves.

Well this my friend, is a symptom of mighty mistake #4: soulless structures. Or in fact, a lack of structures altogether.

Why is this a mistake?

Imagine for a second that you've found Inspired Motivation, built a Loving Attitude, and developed Mindful Awareness. You've got a clear vision for where you're headed,  are beginning to treat yourself with loving-kindness, and are mindful of your behaviours.

But when you look at your diary, you realise your week is chock a block already. No time to fit in the meditation, yoga, journalling, jogging, classes and relaxing bath you promised yourself.

So you decide to call on a friend. You need some advice, some help on how to start creating the healthy life you want. However try as you might, you can't see a single person in your phonebook that could give you the support you need.

When you finally do manage to break away from your routine for a 45 minute exercise session, you realise you have no idea what you're doing. You wander the gym floor aimlessly for the first 25 minutes, barely working up a sweat before heading back to the office, flustered and frustrated.

Those are three examples of structures that lack soul. Structures that lack the oomph, the vitality, the aliveness that will inspire you, encourage you and support you on your journey.

Soulless structures can cause more damage than good. They can suck the life out of your new habits before you have the chance to try them out. Under their friendly cloak hides a deadly weapon of health destruction.

What is a Soulful Structure?

A Soulful Structure can look like the opposite of a soulless one: intimidating, a bit daunting, even downright frightening. Yet beneath this common perception lies a mine of health, happiness and wonder.

A Soulful Structure supports your heart and your body, not the old habits of your old    identity. It's a scaffolding into your future, not a monument to your past. It's an exciting trailer of what is to come, not a rehashed home-movie of what has been.

A Soulful Structure resonates with that part of you that knows what it truly wants. The part that doesn't cover up its fears and insecurities with meaningless actions or superficial behaviours. The part that is ready to get down and dirty, to face the truth, to stand up for itself.

A Soulful Structure can come in many shapes or forms, from a supportive Fitness Tribe to a body-loving eating plan. From a new mental habit to an empowered weekly schedule. From a mindful morning ritual to a fun-loving workout routine.

How to create Soulful Structures

Creating Soulful Structures requires a degree of honesty about where you are, where you want to be, and what is getting in your way.

Here's a 4-step checklist to building a Soulful Structure:

1. Have a clear intention: you need to know what your current reality is and what you intend to create first. These will inform you of what structures to put into place. You may need more support, more clarity, more direction - even more fun! Imagine what you would love to create in your life, then the process will become clear.

2. Let go of the easy road: the easy road will not serve your body or your heart, only your ego. Choose to create a schedule, a friendship group or a workout plan that excite you, inspire you but also challenge you. Remember: they are what will take you to the next level - where you truly want to be.

3. Follow through: Soulful Structures need daily attention. You can't simply put them into place then forget all about them. Make a point of following through. Every. Single. Time. And give yourself a mental pat on the back and a hug every time you do.

4. Review them frequently: As you change, so will your structures. Try different structures to see which suit you best, and then assess them regularly to check whether they are still serving you. Tweak them if needed, or start from scratch.

By following this checklist, you’ll be able to create new routines, rituals and patterns that support your health, wellbeing and happiness.


Now it's your turn: think up 3-5 new Soulful Structures that you wish to implement in your daily life, then leave a comment below with your results. Good luck!

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Love & Health,

Will x