What NOT To Do: 5 Little-Known-But-Mighty Mistakes

Will Pike Love Fitness Blog 5 Mistakes HealthThe 5 key mistakes that will put a stop to even your best efforts. Find out what they are here. As I throw myself into the love:Fitness pilot programme, the writing of the love:Fitness book and launching this new approach to fitness, I'm finding myself looking back at my own mistakes – of which there are a lot!

Looking back with as much compassion and kindness as I can – despite the self-judgmental natter that rises from time to time.

The truth is, we all make the same mistakes. That’s fact. Most of my clients and the people I work with have exactly the same issues, the same limiting beliefs, the same fears.

They just affect our behaviours in different ways.

As a result, few people are able to maintain their health and fitness habits, while living a balanced and fulfilling life.

Over the next five weeks we'll be looking in more detail at 5 seemingly harmless mistakes that can really hold you back - and how they relate to the five pillars of the love:Fitness method.

Stay tuned for some great insights on how you can implement the method into your life - and create a life, health and body that you love!

Mistake #1: (un)Inspired Motivation

One of the biggest blunders people make - including myself - is to start an exercise or diet to please other people.

What does that mean?

That means that the reason they start a healthy habit is related to their self-image: what they project to the world around them.

Generally, it's for what OTHERS will see, think or feel. It's to please their husband, to prove something to their friends, to compete with their colleagues.

And so they force new behaviours: they punish themselves with gruelling workouts, army-like regimes and harsh pep talks. Sometimes their bodies’ change, sometimes they don't.

But what happens once that person no longer needs to please the other? They stop taking care of themselves. Their motivation fades, and they go back to square one.

Sound familiar?

Mistake #2: (un)Loving Attitude

The second biggest mistake I see people make over and over again is failing to improve their mindset, and their relationship with themselves and their body.


Because few realise the disastrous effects that self-judgment, self-hatred and blame have on their health.

I see gym-goers with beautiful bodies spend countless hours in the gym that continue to hate and despise themselves. They are insecure, angry, full of judgement and resentment.

They abuse their bodies both verbally and physically: they shape and mould them to fit their search for love and connection. They are in a love/hate relationship with themselves.

And we all know how unhealthy and damaging those can be.

Having an unloving mindset towards yourself, your body and others will affect your heart, your hormones, your health.

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Mistake #3: Mind(less) Awareness

Another key mistake that I used to make repeatedly was never being mindful. I used to spend my days in my head, completely unaware of the world around me. I’d be living in the past, the future, the what-ifs, the possibilities.

Living in your head wrapped around your thoughts means that you lose touch with yourself and other around you.

But you also allow your subconscious to run the show: you trigger old unhealthy behaviours without even noticing.

And so your day-to-day life becomes a repeat of yesterday, last month, last year. You decide to improve your eating habits, but you get so stuck in your head that you barely notice yourself reaching for the cookies. And before it’s too late, the Cookie Monster within you has taken over.

Are you guilty of that?

Mistake #4: Soul(less) Structures 

When it comes to health, we all know the benefits of exercise and healthy eating. But what you may fail to recognise is the effects of all the other parts of your life on your body.

Indeed, research now shows that your environment and the way you live your life has more impact on your health than food and movement!

So when it comes to living a healthy life, it’s very important to look at all aspects of your life: your creativity, your sense of freedom and purpose, your expression, your relationships, your beliefs, etc.

The truth is, few people know this and even fewer implement it. But without creating positive and healthy structures in your life, the lack of balance can easily lead to illness and disease.

Mistake #5: (un)Insightful Knowledge 

In this world of instant information, we are bombarded with how-to’s on everything from losing 10 pounds to getting a 6-pack and bedding that blonde bombshell that works at Starbucks.

The latest fad diet and workout trend are just a click away.

Yet most people have little to no idea about how they actually work - or what is even right for their body type.

Instead, they take professional or expert advice from websites, books and magazines as if it were the work of the Gods.

They dive right into their low-calorie, high-protein diet without any consideration for their own individual needs.

Then after a few weeks or days, they realise that it’s not working for them – and go straight back to where they started.

Remind you of someone?


What about you? Are you guilty of these Mighty Mistakes? I would love to hear about it: drop us a comment below 

Stay tuned: next week we'll dive into more detail on how to create Inspired Motivation that will keep you energised, motivated, and ready for action!



Love & Health,

Will x