Mighty Mistake #1: Uninspired Motivation

Will Pike Love Fitness Blog Mistake Health Uninspired MotivationIf every time you start a new health routine you seem to lose steam after a few weeks, it’s probably because you’re making this common mistake. We start with wonderful intentions. This is IT: you’re going to lose that stomach, tone those things, and be good FOREVER.

Two weeks later: back to square one.

Sound familiar?


What is Uninspired Motivation?

One of the blunders I made when I first started my training was to do it for others, rather than for myself.

When I first joined a gym ten years ago, I signed up with the intention of building the perfect body. I wanted to be trimmer, musclier, bigger, stronger, fitter, hotter.


Because I believed that it would bring me more confidence, self-esteem and courage. In other words, that I would be happier.

What I hadn't realised is that I had confused my self-esteem with my self-image.


What do I mean by that?

Rather than exercising and eating in order to take care of myself, I was doing so based on how others perceived me.

In my mind, a good body would bring me wonderful friends, lots of sex, and would be the end to all of my problems.

And so I relied on what others thought of me to dictate my worth and my happiness. I gave my power away to the invisible others around me whom I was convinced were out to judge me and bring me down, unless I could show them that I was worthy.

Does this sound familiar?

It's a pretty common pattern, and one most of us repeat in all parts of our lives.

We stop listening to our hearts. We take counsel from our minds, our beliefs and our perception of the world instead.

We forget our authenticity, what we truly desire, what we dream of.

And so we look up the latest fad diet, we drag ourselves to a packed gym and we struggle through a workout that we hate.

With the hope that the others will notice us, compliment us... love us.


How to build Inspired Motivation

Inspired motivation comes from the heart.

It means connecting to your true desires, your hidden dreams, and building a vision so exciting that nothing can get in your way.

It means rediscovering your body's innate gifts and talents, the sports or activities that you truly love, and what re-energises you.

It means learning to enjoy the process, each repetition, meal and workout as if they were your first and your last.

Inspired motivation brings you closer to your true potential. An untapped, unknown and undiscovered power that lies deep within you.

Once you unlock that power, my friend, nothing can stop you. Old obstacles, illusions and limitations will melt away. And love and health will take their place.



Are you making this mistake in your health habits? I would love to hear from you if so: let us know how it has affected your life and what changes you plan to make after reading this article.

And get braced for the next post, in which we’ll uncover Mistake #2: Unloving Attitude.



Love & Health,

Will x