How Loving Your Body Can Affect The World

Will Pike Love Fitness Peace DayWORLD PEACE DAY SPECIAL: If you need a good reason to start loving yourself and your body, look no further.   

As a follow up to my previous article Why Loving Your Body Can Affect Your Health, here is some awe-inspiring information on how loving yourself and your body is more than just a question of health.

Scientists are beginning to see that your heart is far more than just a blood pump: it plays a vital role in emotional experiences and is a key influencer of thoughts and physiological reactions.

The Institute of HeartMath is an internationally recognised research and education organisation that has been studying emotions and their effects on our hearts, brains, health and performance for over 20 years.

Their research suggests that individuals in a "coherent state" (i.e. a balanced alignment of heart, mind and emotions) can also positively effect the individuals around them.

That's right: loving yourself and your body influences the people around you!

But what is even more incredible is the effect of our heart energy, on a GLOBAL scale. You see, loving yourself and your body has a much wider impact than you would have thought.

Scientists at the Institute of HeartMath are also exploring how each individuals heart energy can affect the global community, and have discovered for example that the earth’s magnetic resonances vibrate at the same frequency as human heart rhythms and brainwaves, and that it's constantly changing electromagnetic fields may be affecting your day-to-day health, feelings and behavior.

For an overview of the Institute of HeartMath's work and a deeper explanation of this, check out the video below:

For World Peace Day on the 21st of September 2013, their central theme is "Love First - Peace Follows", about "creating peace by individuals and communities taking responsibility for shaping a new world through increasing love, care and compassion for all people".

They have created an online Global Care Room where people can come together with their meditations, prayers and positive thoughts directed for specific causes, as a"way to connect with each other in heart-focused intention, in real time".

For more information and to participate, follow this link:

You see my friend, self-love is not just a question of self: it is crucial for the development of our world.
So if you ever needed a reason to start to take care of yourself, this is it.


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Love & Health (and in this case, Peace)

Will x