How to stop lying to yourself: The 4 Questions to Ask

Will Pike Love Fitness Blog 4 Questions to Stop Lying to YourselfIf you're constantly battling yourself and are unable to make any progress in your health and fitness, you're probably not asking these 4 simple questions. This is quite depressing: every person I know without exception is a tremendous liar. To others maybe (I don't know your friends), and to themselves surely.

We are all guilty of it: we make a promise to ourselves and then break it minutes, if not seconds later.

"I will stop eating when I am full"

"I won't have any chocolate today"

"Tonight when I get home I will eat healthily"

Then suddenly becomes:

"To hell with it, I deserve this"

"Oh well, I will do better tomorrow"

Sound familiar? Am I right or am I right? Guilty?

All this lying has some grave and unforeseen consequences on our self-esteem.

You see, trust is like a muscle: it grows and it shrinks depending on how much we exercise it. And trust goes hand in hand with our confidence and self-belief.

So, when you lie to yourself over and over again, you are breaking down your Trust Muscles - in turn affecting the way you feel about yourself.

So, I hear you scream, how do I stop lying to myself?

Here are the 4 questions you need to ask yourself when you are faced with a choice:

1. Does it nurture my body and show it love?

2. Does it help me achieve long-term fulfillment - or is it for short-term pleasure?

3. Am I breaking a promise to myself?

4. What would (Insert your favorite role model here) do?

Of course, once in a while it is important to choose foods and activities that you love, but may not be healthy, nurturing and supportive (a slice of your favorite cake for example.)

Even more important, however, is to be conscious of our choices at all times. And to take every decision as they come. To focus on building your Trust Muscles. Step by step, day by day. Each moment is another chance to get it right.

The good news is that as your Trust Muscles grow stronger, so will your confidence and your self-belief. And your ability to change will increase dramatically.

CHALLENGE: Use the 4 questions above for the next 5 choices you are faced with today - and I would love to hear about your experiences, so please leave a comment below with your results!

Love & Health,