Life is a Handstand

Fitness Blog - Life is a Handstand - Exercise, Movement, Nutrition Yes, thats it. A handstand. Not a box of chocolates; a handstand*. Over the past months of practicing this beautiful movement, pose and posture, I have seen many parallels between the two:

1. You must learn to fall to release your fears:

Until you are OK with falling over, you will never fully reach your true potential. Making mistakes is an integral and natural part of life, and is a big part of our learning and development. That is very true for a handstand: until you have fallen many times, some gracefully, some awkwardly, you will not be able to give yourself 100% to the movement. Instead, you will be holding yourself back, afraid to lose control and to injure yourself.

2. You will never be ready to start:

There is never a better time than to start anything than right NOW. Many of us procrastinate: we put our wants, dreams and desires on hold for a magical time when we might be ready. We are too afraid to fail, and so we hold ourselves back, we keep ourselves small. Learning a new movement, starting new exercise habits or launching a new business all have one requirement in common: that you make the decision to start ! Put time aside now to start whatever it is you want.

3. You must practice with consistency

If you want to achieve your full potential, may it be in your career, your relationships, your training or your creativity, practice is key. You must commit yourself to putting the time and energy into what you want in order to make it happen. You need to focus on the long-term  outcome and commit to a daily or weekly practice.

Now go on, what are you waiting for? I would love to see your own handstand photos. Email them to me and I will post them all on my blog.

Love & Health,


*10 points if you get the reference