"Music is the soundtrack to your life"

Will Pike Love Fitness Blog Music is The Soundtrack to Your LifeOver the past few days I have been listening (on repeat) to Wild Ones by Flo Rida and Sia. A superb, upbeat, fast, energetic track that really gets my blood pumping in the morning and throughout my workouts. Music is an essential part to our lives. The vibrations of the sounds as well as the meanings and sounds of the words create in us subconscious images, in turn bringing us emotions and feelings.

You can harness the power of the music to change your mood. Whenever you need a little push, listening to tracks that make you feel better, more joyful and more energetic, will help you develop a positive attitude. Notice how you feel after your favourite songs, and make a playlist of the ones that give you the sensation of being on top of the world. Play these whenever you need some extra motivation: as you wake up, before a meeting, at the gym. Not only will they make you feel great right there and then, over time, specific tracks may become triggers for feelings of excitement, motivation and energy.

Building a positive and upbeat soundtrack to your workouts will help you stay more focussed and train better. You will enjoy your training more and more, as music becomes an essential part of your sessions. Over time, music can even keep you motivated, and lead to better progress and results, as you look forwards to your workouts simply for the pure joy of listening to your selection of incredible tracks.

I once heard the expression “Music is the soundtrack to your life”. So make sure the music you listen to matches the life you want to live – and the workout you want to have.

Love & Health

Will x

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