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The private work I offer activates your direct connection with your true self, and supports you to stay connected with your inner knowing throughout the transformation process. It is an opportunity for you to receive my attention and support during your journey of awakening and alignment. 

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All my events are designed for you to access your inner knowing, heart’s intelligence, and to deepen your embodiment. They are opportunities for you to enter a powerful group field of clearing and transformation, and to connect, play and co-create with a circle of like-minded souls. 

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The Temple is an evolving online space designed for you to practice living in connection with Spirit and experience a powerful group field of unity consciousness. It is an opportunity to receive support from myself and other awakening beings - from wherever you are in the world.

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‘Awaken Your Nature’ is a 5-part series of online meditations designed to give you a direct experience of your true nature within a powerful group field. They are an incredible opportunity for you to activate your heart, intuition, creativity, embodiment & inner knowing. 

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