Come home to your true self

In these times of great change, we are being called to return to the inner temples of our bodies and hearts. And sometimes, we just need a little bit of extra support to do so.

'The Temple' is an online space designed to do exactly that: provide you with an easily-accessible, safe and supportive space for you to take a gentle dive into your true self.

It provides you with simple and regular practices to awaken different aspects of your being, and an online community to share with kindred spirits from around the world.

  • Receive ongoing support on your awakening, alignment and embodiment journey
  • Be part of a growing community of kindred and supportive spirits
  • Connect with yourself, others, earth and the universe
  • Experience the power of unity consciousness

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Every month, we explore one aspect of our true self - for example, 'Innocence', or 'Awareness' - in three simple steps:

1. At the beginning of the month you get access to a practice video or audio for you to begin your exploration.
2. Halfway through the month, we connect during an online circle to share our experience with the theme and to go deeper into it together.
3. You then receive an additional audio recording with in-depth theory, personal insight and wisdom.


    I am incredibly grateful to have met Ed and to have joined The Temple. I love being able to go there whenever I feel the need to be guided in some way or to connect with others. It is a safe space where I can regularly expand my knowledge and my spirit. I can’t always attend the monthly online gatherings but listening to the recordings afterwards is wonderful and has the exact same impact on me. And last, but not least, Ed and other members have a great sense of humour, which is definitely always a plus!! 😊
    — Maite, London


     The following practice is 28-min heart anchoring meditation, designed to drop you straight into your heart - no matter what chaos or changes are going on around you



    Please note: You can cancel at anytime and will have automatic access until the end of your billing cycle. There are no refunds, so please trust your intuition when signing up.  

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