Home & Office Alignment (Earth Healing)

Heal your space and transform yourself

Problems of insomnia, stress, illness or emotional disturbance? Issues with your neighbours or employees? Mental, emotional or spiritual blocks? These can all be linked to areas of high Geopathic stress.


The Earth is a living being, with its own nervous system: energetic ‘Geopathic’ lines which criss-cross it’s surface and depths. Just like our bodies, the Earth can get traumatised or even blocked from events that have happened over the years - from earthquakes to wars or even domestic fights.

As extensions of the Earth, us human beings are deeply influenced by it’s energy field: 

  • Kathy Bachler investigated 3,000 cases of children with unexplained learning difficulties and various kinds of allergies. Bachler demonstrated that each of the 3,000 children had been sleeping in areas with measurable levels of Geopathic Stress. 
  • Gustav Freicherr von Phol researched the cases of 5,000 cancer patients. Results showed that 98% of those patients had also been sleeping in areas with high levels of Geopathic Stress.

Theses are an incredible opportunity for you to release yourself from any disturbances linked to the space in which you live or work - and reach a completely new level of balance, harmony, clarity and flow. 

Results are felt immediately within yourself and your surroundings. 


Introductory Offer : sliding scale between £80 and £120 per hour (minimum 90mins)

Space Alignment is an incredible way to transform the space you live or work in - and all beings connected with it, including yourself.

As a sensitive intuitive, I connect to the energy of the space and listen to my intuition to find any areas of Geopathic stress. I then help re-align the energy flow of that area, and invite you to connect to the spirit of the space itself through shamanic journeying.

The sessions are a beautiful way for you find a renewed connection with your home or office, and to experience a new level of harmony, clarity and flow.
— Edward