'Awaken Your Nature' is a series of 5 x 40-50min recordings designed to unlock your presence, love, intuition, energy and creativity. Recorded live during the summer, these are powerful transmissions that you can listen to over and over again for increased results.  During each  session, I guide you through a mixture of teaching points and experiential exercises - and offer you simple practices to take away.

  • Learn simple practices that will transform your life
  • Experience the true depth and power of your being
  • Begin to develop your intuitive and creative abilities 
  • Ground in your alignment with your heart, earth and sky

 By combining ancient practices from shamanism with modern understandings of consciousness, you will find a deeper connection with yourself - and as a result, with your community and your planet. 

These recordings are perfect for yourself - or as a gift for someone you love.

PRE-ORDER THE 5 RECORDINGS FOR £44: a link to the downloads will be sent to you as soon as they are available (around mid-December)




    • Experience the depth and infinity of your being
    • Understand your true nature as space and awareness 
    • Learn a simple practice to reconnect with your breath and presence

    2. I AM LOVE

    • Experience the power and beauty of your heart centre
    • Understand what living from your heart truly means 
    • Learn a new way to live work and speak from your heart 

    3. I AM TRUTH

    • Experience the power of your intuition - clarity on a conflict, problem, or longing
    • Understand the truth about your intuitive self - and how you can develop it
    • Learn a simple tool to develop laser like intuitive clarity on whatever you want

      4. I AM ENERGY

      • Experience your energy and light like never before
      • Understand what flow actually is and how you can tune into it for life, work & creativity 
      • Learn a movement practice that will transform the way you feel and experience your body

      5. I AM CREATION

      • Experience your true creative power
      • Understand how you can align yourself with the rhythms of life to support your creations
      • Learn a visualisation that will give you clarity on how to bring your desires to life