You are here to enable the divine process to unfold. That is how important you are!
— Eckhart Tolle

Conscious; to be aware of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, feelings - as well as aware and responding to one’s surroundings

Hero; the principal character in a story, and a person who has special abilities or personal qualities - and a person who is dedicated to a cause larger than themselves.



Are you ready to be truly, 100% yourself?

Your life and your world are changing. Everything around you seems to need a complete rethink. Someone needs to press the reset button.

Right now, the planet needs more conscious leaders, creators, artists, healers and entrepreneurs - modern heroes for our changing world.

And you want to play your part. You know that you have something to give that can transform your life - and shape the world to come. 

The fact is, you have immense potential. When you learn to access your gifts, your inner wisdom and your powers of creation, you become the hero of your own reality - a conscious hero. 


'Conscious Hero' Circles are here to support you to implement everything that you have been learning on your path into practical, day-to-day actions to help shape your life and the world around you.

bring more of your inner being / connect with the inner wisdom of Source within / practice to live in alignment and in flow in your work

Through group sharing and support as well practical tools and exercises, we will:  

  • Support each other in staying in alignment in our lives, work and creativity
  • Foster a group spirit of community, sharing and support
  • Allow space for collaboration and co-creation to emerge
  • Reinforce/teach mind-body-spirit tools, practices and theory for you to utilise in your everyday life 


  • You want to have a powerful impact through your work, life, creativity and relationships 
  • You want to keep a clear focus and alignment in your projects and life
  • You want to experience the power of deep group connection
  • You want to step up and lead with love and wisdom

Whether you're a creative, entrepreneur, team leader, lightworker, business owner or someone with an idea... get ready to ignite the hero and leader within you and awaken your natural powers of creation!



'Conscious Hero Circles' are a group mentoring process to accelerate your life towards where you want to be.  How will we do this?

By meeting you where you are: Every person’s journey is unique. We will work side-by-side from your current situation, needs and longings. Any newcomers will begin with a 1:1 consultation with myself in which we will do an assessment of where you are and receive a clear and exciting vision for your life and work. This will give you a clear focus for the journey ahead.

By looking at your life in a truly holistic way: Throughout the process, we’ll dive into all aspects of your self and your life: we’ll work with your body, mind, emotions and energy, and we’ll also explore your life, work, relationships, creativity, home and spiritual life.

By combining ancient wisdom with modern understandings: We'll work with various traditional practices like shamanic journeying, meditation and ceremony and combine them with understandings of modern science - from quantum theory to neuroscience - and help you utilise these powerful practices in your life and work. 

By focusing on practical tools and steps: The main focus of the circles will be implementation: the key to change is how to use all this knowledge and inner wisdom to create powerful change, both in yourself and in your life.

By fostering an ongoing support structure: We'll not only meet once a month online and have regular weekend workshops, but you'll also become part of a powerful and loving support network which you can call upon at any time.


  • 1 x 2-hour online gathering & workshop every month
  • 1 x 'Conscious Hero Consultation' with myself at the beginning of your journey
  • Access to small group mentoring structure
  • Recorded trainings to reinforce both theory and practices
  • Online Resources (exercises, helpsheets, links)
  • Discounted access to live 'Conscious Hero Weekend' workshops


Either as part of a mentoring plan, or a stand-alone contribution: £244 for the first 3 months, then £64 per month.