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'Embody Your Nature' Retreat (Crete)

  • Prases, Crete Greece (map)
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Would you love to connect with your truest, most beautiful nature? To feel life deeply through your senses and emotions? To experience unity with a tribe of kindred souls?


After the success of our ‘Move Into Essence’ retreats, I am teaming up with Natalia once more, and inviting you to join us in the sacred aliveness of the Cretan mountains for the journey of a lifetime.

This beautiful and powerful retreat is an invitation to:

  • Awaken the intelligence of your body, your senses and your feelings
  • Activate the true potential of your being and your natural inner freedom
  • Embrace your interconnectedness with life, Spirit and Earth
  • Share the beauty, love and wisdom of your divine, human nature


For 6 days, we will live in a valley in the middle of the mountains, and…

  • Create a safe, loving, expansive, open and tender space of deep unity and togetherness       
  • Dive into our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits to experience our raw, unknown, pure creative Self 
  • Meet our most vulnerable and defended places that guard the access to our deepest potential
  • Explore the play and pleasure of our natural, organic creativity
  • Embark on a journey of unlearning, processing, letting go, remembering and embodying
  • Move, eat, dance, play, share and journey together as one tribe


When Natalia and I collaborate, our combined energies create a beautiful sacred space for awakening, activation, transformation and processing.

The soul bond that we share allows a beautiful flow to emerge; leading from our hearts and our inner guidance, we lead the group through movement meditations, ecstatic dance, live music, visualisations, creativity exercises, nature ceremonies and sharing.

We will connect and create a circle that will hold our transformation; this circle will challenge patterns of our individualistic way of life, while bringing forth our uniqueness and awakening us to our true interconnectedness and multi-dimensionality.

We will explore our creative self through both playful collective and personal tasks - including co-creating a permanent piece for the land and venue. 


  • A new sense of connection with your body, life, Earth and Spirit
  • An awakening of your inner knowing and connection with your true self
  • New clarity on your life journey and soul task
  • Deep personal healing and transformation


  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience full of pleasure, fun and transformation
  •  Attention and insight from two experienced practitioners
  • A unique opportunity to live and play in harmony with nature & the elements
  • Tools for embodiment, connection to joy and aliveness, and healing
  •  Pre-start call with either Natalia or Edward
  • Follow-up group and 1:1 calls
  • Beautiful vegetarian food and shared accommodation in the heart of nature



Natalia Partheniou is a movement practitioner, body worker, Yoga teacher and Barbara Brennan Healer (Advanced). For the past years, Natalia has been constantly leading group workshops, retreats and seminars in Crete, Athens and London. She is a cofounder of the Oneirema spiritual/ eco community and her approach to healing combines energy work, bodywork techniques and shamanism. 

She has a passion for movement, the waves of movement in (our) nature from the subtlest to the densest and the raising of consciousness. She longs to unify the split of the masculine and the feminine within and in the world and to ground the mystical experience of living together on Earth. 


Edward Pike is a transformational body-mind-spirit mentor, intuitive healer and student of Core Energetics (3rd Year). His approach combines movement and bioenergetics with shamanism. He leads workshops and retreats in Crete and London.

He is deeply enthusiastic about the evolution of human potential, the development of consciousness and our reconnection with both the nature of Mother Earth and our inner divine nature.


Oneirema, a greek word that means “Conscious Dreaming”, is an intensely alive spiritual/ eco community that hosts healing retreats and workshops by therapists and spiritual teachers from all over the world. 

It was created by a group of healers with deep love and utmost respect for the mind-blowing and wild beauty of this part of Crete. 

All the natural elements - the spectacular mountains of the island, the river flowing through this Land, the vast star ridden sky at night- make Oneirema a powerful spiritual space in which deep transformation and healing can take place. 


You will be staying in Oneirema’s beautiful and spacious shared teepees. Each teepee hosts 4 people and we will provide towels and beddings. If you are coming as a group of people, please let us know- otherwise we are happy to group you together with some teepee mates! 


Oneirema has outdoor cooking and eating facilities where we usually gather and eat together before and after the group sessions. 

The meals are organic, locally grown and lovingly prepared by our wonderful local chefs. If you have any special nutritional confinement or request, please let us know and we will try our best to solve it! 

After the meals - between and after the group sessions- you will have plenty of alone time for walks along the river, siestas in our hammocks or writing & reading beneath the chestnut trees. 


Oneirema has ecological toilets and showers. We will provide organic soap and shampoo because we do not want anything else in the river. 

This wild and beautiful Retreat Center has no electrical light. Therefore, after dark we use torches and/or candles to find our way back to our teepees. We do not have wifi or internet connection at Oneirema: the invitation is to focus on what arises within us without external distractions. However, you will be able to charge your mobile if you need to and the reception – if not the best- is ok should you need to use your phone. 

Close to Oneirema, just a 45 minutes long bus ride is the magnificent beach village of Sougia. If you wish to extend your stay in Crete for a couple of days (or more!) we will be happy to assist you in how to reach Sougia, to find a room to stay there (most of them are very inexpensive) as well as to advise you which of the delicious local tavernas to try out! 


Natalia has a divine ability to see beyond the protective mask we place around our deepest held desires. Like a mother’s embrace, she creates a soft safe space for our unconscious thoughts and feelings to emerge into our consciousness, free to be expressed without judgement or fear. 

Oneirema is a unique protective bubble of tranquility and peace in a world of noise and ever flowing movement. You cannot not feel the comfort and serenity of Mother Nature surrounding you, supporting you and guiding you. It gives us back our true sense of connection, to the trees, earth, water and the stars, away from the constant daily demands of email and social media
— Rob, London
Embody your Nature is: moving into life. Life-force, guidance, essence and body are experienced as one. It is unique and ecstatic. Natalia is a powerful life dancer, supporting, trusting and holding one’s inner soul dance in such a way that my experience became a truly deep soul embodiment, still impacting me today. I’m forever grateful to Natalia for this gift.
— Sybille, Brussels
I attended Edward’s workshop and had no idea what to expect. I loved the space, the music and the group. Edward’s presence and guidance through movement felt nurturing, safe and freeing. I left feeling connected to my essence which feels sweet, wild and powerful.
The retreat was wonderfully safe, creative and open. I was so grateful for such an inspiring space to explore and connect, dive deep, move and express what was in my heart and life at the moment. Thank you for providing the support and guidance, and so much love.



Oneirema, Prases, Crete
Nearest Airport: Chania, Crete


Arrival: Tuesday the 10th of July (for an evening dinner and gathering)
Departure: Monday the 16th July after breakfast (either to Chania or to Sougia for integration time)


Pay what you can afford between €650 and €850

We are open to exchange, concessions and instalments - please get in touch with us.


  • 5 days of group sessions (approx. 4 hours in the morning & 4 in the afternoon) 
  • 6 nights of accommodation in Oneirema’ s beautiful & spacious teepees (Tue-Mon)
  • Three organic, vegetarian meals per day prepared by a local chef 
  • Transfers to Oneirema Eco Community from Chania centre (arranged in advance)
  • Beddings, towels, organic shampoos & soaps 
  • Pre-start 1:1 call with Edward and Natalia
  • Follow-up group call
  • Skype assistance if integration support is needed after the retreat
  • A life-changing experience 


  • Travel expenses to Crete 
  • Optional integration time at Sougia following the retreat


Email or 

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