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Find Your Natural Rhythm: Balance & Integration Workshop (Crete)

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Are your mind, body and soul in harmony?
Do you know how to listen to your inner guidance?
Do you know how to integrate your spiritual awakening into your daily life?

When we’re out of sync with life, we can feel overwhelmed, drained, stressed… as if we’re trying to push against an invisible force. It can be hard to remain present, balanced and grounded to all the changes happening inside and outside of us.

A lot of changes are happening in everyone’s life at this time of transition. This day is an opportunity to come together to take a good look at where we are, and what is needed to  move forward to where we are being called to be.

Through movement, meditation, journeying and group sharing, Ingrid and Edward will take you on an inner journey to:

  • bring balance and harmony to the different aspects of yourself 
  • integrate all your spiritual knowing into daily life - and find joy in the process
  • align your life with your natural cycles as a being of nature


  • how to balance giving/receiving, action/rest, doing/being, expansion/contraction
  • what cycles you are affected by and how you can consciously align with them
  • how to meet your 4 bodies and discover what they each need to find harmony within
  • how to bring balance in a group setting to communicate and co-create in an authentic way


  • a new understanding of your nature as a human and divine being
  • tools and practices to take home to develop balance and integration within your daily life
  • reading materials to continue and deepen your journey at home

This workshop is part of a series and will be repeated throughout 2018.


Ingrid is an energy transformative healer combining shamanism, energy practices and earth healing for a deep connection with nature and the elements. 

‘Ingrid opened my eyes to a new dimension in my life and the possibility of being able, on my own, to break the chains.’

More information:


Saturday 28th of January 

10AM to 7PM including lunch break @ 1pm-4pm which we will share together.

Orizon Center for Life & Creation, Aptera


€44 per person

We are open to other exchange or arrangements if needed - please get in touch to discuss with us.

€10 per meal for food - please tell us a couple of days in advance. You are welcome to bring your own too!  

Questions? Ready to book? Email