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Cretan Consciousness Festival

  • Megalo O Grigoriou 67 Chania Greece (map)
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Ground in your connection with Crete, nature and spirit

Learn about consciousness, spirituality and awakening

Meet, play and dance with kindred souls from the island and beyond

We would like to invite you to a 4-day exploration of consciousness, community, collaboration and creation, in the alive, sacred and abundant island of Crete.

Join us for 4 days of exploration through experiential meditations, workshops, documentaries and live music.

Crete has always been an energy centre of spirituality, and this first festival is an opportunity to discover and reveal more of its true essence - and of ourselves in the process.

The festival is an opportunity to bring together people interested in spirituality, humanity and community, light warriors, earth workers, artists, healers, entrepreneurs, creatives and visionaries from around the island as well as the world - to explore, meet, work, play, gather, dance, laugh and learn from each other.


  1. The energy and consciousness of Crete
  2. The islands' masculine and feminine aspects in our bodies 
  3. Cretan consciousness through its culture, tradition, art and music
  4. Community and collaboration

The festival will be both in English and in Greek. All documentaries are in English with Greek subtitles. 

See below for details and schedule.

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  • Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th of August 2017
  • Timings: Afternoon/Evening
  • Venue: Megalo’O in Chania 
  • Entry: Minimum donation of €5 per day - Saturday & Sunday storytelling/music events also a minimum of €5



An exploration of Crete's energy and consciousness



EVENT 1 - starts at 7.30pm (doors open 7pm)

Experience: Talk & Meditation led by Ingrid Margarita

Local healer Ingrid Margarita (Orizon Center) has been living and working on Crete for nearly 30 years, and has a deep connection with the island, and its energy, sacredness, consciousness. During this first event, she will introduce us to her understanding and wisdom of Cretan consciousness. Through meditation and journeying, she will invite us to feel the energy and love of the island, finding a deeper sense of connection with all its aspects and elements. 

Documentary: The Cosmic Giggle

Packed full of wisdom, this documentary explores our connection with our heart and how we can experience the world from that place, allowing its vibration to move us. This will be followed by a sharing. 


A dive into Crete's (and our own) masculine & feminine aspects  


EVENT 2 - starts at 7.30pm (doors open 7pm)

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Experience: Divine Masculine & Feminine Workshop led by Natalia Partheniou

Healer Natalia Partheniou - assisted by Edward Pike - will lead us into an experience of the masculine and feminine aspects of the island, and of our own deeper selves. Through breath, movement, sound, music and dancing, we will dive into our own divine masculine and feminine aspects, and invite Crete's powerful spirit to support us in this journey. 

Documentary: Kymatica (A Spiritual Awakening) 

An eye-opening glimpse into the nature of our planet and our symbiotic connection with it, and the evolution of spirituality throughout the ages. This will be followed by a sharing. 


An exploration of Cretan Consciousness through its tradition, music, art & culture



EVENT 3 - starts 7.30pm (doors open 7pm)

Experience: Music, Art, Culture

Experience: Cretan Dance, Art & Culture led by Tilasa Digeni & Theodosia Frangiskaki

Tilasa Digeni guides you to see the healing power and wisdom of the energy of Crete through sound and dance. A deep experience with voice and Cretan daouli on 2 dances from Crete.

This will be followed by a lecture about the "WOMAN IN CRETE" by Tilasa, and Theodosia Frangiskaki reading grandmother's mantinades - while Eleni Karbadaki sings them with the characteristic Cretan tint!

EVENT 4 - from 10pm

Ecstatic Cretan Music & Dancing

Come and dance into the night with 5 traditional instruments, whose vibration will make you jump, dance and play for hours. Sit and enjoy or get up and move!


An exploration of collaboration, connection and the creation of the 'New Crete'






EVENT 5 - starts at 5.30pm (doors open 5pm)

Documentary: The Choice Is Ours

A very insightful film into how communities can work together to create a new conscious society. This will be followed by a talk and a space for people to share their projects, work and ideas.

Experience: Connection & Collaboration Workshop led by Edward Pike

Healer and lightworker mentor Edward Pike - assisted by healer Anna Xrisanthopoulou - will lead a circle of creatives, light warriors, healers and earth workers into a deeper space of connection with themselves, each other and the island. Through movement, breath, sound, dancing, journeying and circle work we will meet, connect, play and tune in to our roles for serving our communities and planet - and in helping Crete transition to the New World. 

EVENT 6 - starts at 9pm (doors open 8.30)

Storytelling Circle: Join the tribe to laugh and discover the bonding and transformative power of stories Crete, Africa and beyond.

'Awaken Your Nature' Dance Party with DJ/Sound Healer Rob Sykes

Join Sound Healer & DJ Rob Sykes - assisted by Edward Pike - for a magical, exhilaration and life-affirming dive into tribal rhythm, primal connection, pleasure, fun and oneness.