You've done it: you've chosen to open up to your deeper nature and let your light, love and life flow.

I am honoured and grateful that you have chosen to embark on this journey with me - and very curious to see what opens up for you along the way!

Here are a few bits and bobs to get you started.

1. Watch the welcome video, which includes a little intention exercise to get you started.


2. Explore all the free resources on my site:

3. Check out some recommended documentaries on consciousness, awakening and the planet:

A Quest For Meaning: wonderful and magical documentary by two french guys who travel and meet some of the most inspiring minds and people around the world - talking about spirituality, change, love, and the planet.

The Cosmic Giggle: a simple but powerful documentary about our opening up our energy and essence to experience the world in a completely new way.

Before The Flood: This documentary with Leonardo di Caprio is a wake-up call by National Geographic. The biggest figure? Beef makes up 80% of our carbon footprint. 80%! 

Tales by Light Season 2 (Netflix): through following nature photographers we get a powerful and undeniable sense of how all living beings are deeply connected through love - and even get to see sharks in a completely new way.