Hi - it’s an honour to welcome you in this space.

If you’re reading these words, it’s because something within you has drawn you here. Something that you can’t quite put your finger on, like an itch, an inner knowing, a call to go deeper. 

You’re being called to step out of your mind and into your true being.
You’re being called to get out of the way and let life happen through you.
You’re being called to live fearlessly from your heart in every moment.

You see, you’re here on this planet for a reason…

You’re here to help bring in a new era in consciousness, to support humanity in a collective shift of incredible beauty and magnitude.

How do I know that?

I know because I see it and feel it, every single day.

Over my years of working with people, its become clear that those attracted to my work are those that are here to lead humanity into a space of unity by stepping into their connection with Spirit and embodying their core essence. 

I’ve been through a powerful process of transformation over the past few years; facing my fears, my pain, my suffering - and going through a deep purification and cleansing process in my body, mind, heart and soul. 

I now live in the magic of life unfolding from a higher vibration, experiencing my deepest longings being made manifest and living from a space of deeper connection, joy, flow and inner knowing.

I’m here to hold you as you go through your own process of transformation, and as we co-create together a new era for our world.

I’m here to help you say YES to the adventure that is life, the beauty of humanity and the wonder of our planet.

I’m here to play, dance, explore, grow, serve and create… together. 

How do I do that? 

By holding a space of unity consciousness, a field so pure and pristine that whoever connects with it is activated and aligned to that same frequency. Any thoughts, patterns or emotions that don’t align with this high vibration space are purified, cleansed and let go of. Evolution is fast and beautiful. 

By guiding you to access more of your core essence, into a space of embodied awakening. This doesn't require years of spiritual or meditation practice anymore; the shift in consciousness is inviting you effortlessly and pleasurably to a deep place of embodiment. 

By giving you tools you can use to access this space every day, taken from my own experience of awakening, as well as nearly a decade in the body-mind-spirit field. Tools and practices that will help you live your spiritual connection every day of your life, in every aspect. 

What other people are saying...

“I can honestly say working with Ed has changed my life. It’s a road full of light and wonderful possibilities. I cannot thank Ed enough for changing my life and enabling me to be the real me. The work is truly powerful and I will always be eternally grateful. I now intend to help the healing of others.”

— Josh, Shamanic Healer

“I value Ed’s approach so much. Full of intuition, mind-body awareness and freeing the body, altogether aligning your mind-body-spirit with the real roots of who you are. Your earthiest, truest being. What I love so dearly is that this is both time for yourself and to share with other souls. A space to return to YOU. ”

— Jude, Yoga Teacher 

My vision

The more I drop in to my true being, the more I get glimpses and visions of the world that is wanting to be born through us:

A world in which every single person lives in alignment with their cosmic, divine nature; at one with life itself, living each moment from their heart…

A world in which we all know and feel our symbiotic connection with nature and Mother Earth; caring for the land and all its creatures and flora…

A world in which every single person gets to live their very own ‘land of plenty’; experiencing heaven on Earth…

As academic and writer Charles Eisenstein said, ‘the world our hearts know is possible’.

And yet this is just a glimpse of the magnificence that is possible. As we all come together and unite as one, who knows what else will arise and be made manifest. 

My story

There is so much that I could share about myself: my background in personal training and holistic coaching, my studies of shamanism, core energetics and other body-mind-spirit fields, my love for our planet and for life…

I could tell you how my diagnosis with HIV in 2009 threw my world upside down and marked the beginning of my awakening process; how moving to Crete in 2015 connected me ever deeper to Spirit and my own inner essence; how I have a twin brother and two younger brothers who are twins also…

But what I would really love to tell you about my story is that I am not my story - just like you are not yours. Like any one of us, my story is important, incredible, painful and beautiful. However, I choose not to define myself by it, nor identify with it. Instead, I choose to live each moment with one intention: to be here, now, connected with my inner knowing, allowing and welcoming life in all of its forms and all of its feelings. 

To open my heart to this rollercoaster ride that is life itself, that is the intention I hold for myself… and for you. Will you join me on this crazy, magical, infinite ride?

With love & gratitude,

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